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Mar 1, 2023 | Expert Tips, News, Sponsored

By Joelle Boivin

With the average American forced to keep their car for a staggering 12.2 years, less vehicles are reaching the ELV status. So, what does that mean for automotive recyclers? Less and less scrap vehicles end up at auction, forcing recyclers to look for new methods to remain competitive and keep stealing more market share.

And the solution is quite simple. Partner with a processor who offers the right converter pricing and evaluation tools to help you outbid your competition.

Elevate the Competitive Edge at Auction

Automotive recyclers who use PMR’s VIN/TRIM tool, for example, win at auction and raise the competitive bar, ensuring their business gains access to the available scrap volumes. Here’s how you can start outbidding your competition.

The strategy for your next success is factoring in the price of a vehicle’s converter. With PMR’s VIN/TRIM, for example, input the vehicle’s make, model, and year, or only the vehicle’s VIN, and PMR’s system will generate an estimated price for the vehicle’s converter(s). Knowing the value of the converter(s), in addition to the vehicle’s curb weight and current metal recycling prices, you can raise your bid and win.

So, for the recyclers who want to adapt their strategy and win at auction, consider working with a trusted partner that provides this kind of additional information. You could potentially discover a second source of revenue, but mostly, you’ll become more competitive at auction with tools and information that keep you one step ahead.

It’s important to note, however, that when vehicles are sent to auction, they could’ve suffered prior converter theft, dismantling, or damage or the converter might be partially full or switched to an aftermarket. For this reason, you’ll need to remember these factors as they can affect converter and vehicle value overall.  

At Your Yard

Having access to the right pricing and evaluation tools in your yard helps you close on scrap vehicle deals with the most competitive bid out there. Let’s take a look at an example.

When vehicle owners bring their ELVs into your yard or call you to sell their scrap cars, using VIN/TRIM, for example, gives you wiggle room to raise your bid because you know the estimated value of the vehicle’s converter(s).

In addition, since VIN/TRIM identifies pre, regular, and manifold converters, you can ask the seller about the vehicle condition or examine the vehicle to make sure the units are present, intact, and OEM – this helps you keep your bidding price competitive as you have the information to negotiate.

Dismantling Converters 101

Now that the vehicle is yours, it’s time to dismantle. But if done incorrectly, harvesting converters can cause destructive damage and ceramic loss. Avoid forklifts and bulldozer claws to rip converters from vehicles – this will ultimately break the converter core! Strive for plasma torches or reciprocating saws (Sawzall), precision cutting tools that ensure all the ceramic remains intact.

For this reason, working with a business partner that offers the right information for converter dismantling and evaluation tools can mean the difference between profit gain and loss. It’s time to change your strategy and look for a processing partner that gives you reliable information and tools to help you expand your operations to new avenues that bring you to greater success summits.

In today’s market, adapting is winning.

With a passion for the pen and paper, Joelle lends her feather to PMR, helping them create empowering and educational content for all converter recyclers.

With a background in literature and advertisement, she brings years of research, creativity, and critical thinking to PMR, helping them break down complex industry terms and processes into informational content. PMR believes in equipping recyclers with industry knowledge, giving them the tools to gain more market share, grow their operations, and reach their business goals. And with Joelle on their team, PMR continues to be a customer-centric processor that helps recyclers reach above and beyond.

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