The Future is Here and There’s No Turning Back

Nov 1, 2021 | Industry

By Sandy Blalock • ARA Executive Director

If you are not already making plans and plotting out your future, there’s no time than right now to make that a priority. 

One of the things that came out of the pandemic was our reliance on technology and quickly adapting to change. There is no doubt that there is no turning back the clock and we, as an industry, will need to more readily adapt and accept that our lives and businesses are going to be managed in a much different way than ever before.

We have faced many changes in the last 100 years in the industry and it just seems to be coming at us faster and faster. We have adapted and grown with those changes but are all auto recyclers going to fully engage in what the future holds for our industry? If you are not already making plans and plotting out your future, there’s no time than right now to make that a priority.  

I know many have businesses that are well prepared to adapt quickly to change but many are not prepared at all. The pandemic, especially during the first few months, were difficult on many and then everything changed and suddenly we found a more vibrant, while challenging, business erupt. Many recyclers were suddenly having record sales, yet still others were struggling.

In reality, a business that is well organized around the fluctuations our industry has had, probably since the beginning, will be positioned to grow and thrive and many others will continue to struggle. How you manage these changes will determine your success or failure. Failure, in and of itself, is not always bad as long as you learn and can pick up the pieces and move forward in a more productive manner. And move your business to a more successful business model.

Our industry is enveloped in technology, not only for the managing of our businesses, but the tools that we use and the vehicles that we are processing, both now and in the future. This will mean that you will have to accept that your business will not survive and if you do not fully engage on the technological front your time in this industry may be limited. The products we procure – these vehicles will necessitate a much higher level of tooling and technology than ever before.

ARA is working hard to assure that we, as the association responsible for advocating, educating, certifying and protecting the rights of all auto recyclers to be successful and profitable, will continue working on programs to ensure that auto recyclers have the access to technology resources, information, training, education and certification programs that will help insure success in the future.

It's time that you as a professional automotive recycler start planning for what your business model will look like in the future. It’s time to prepare not only the business but your entire team. Get the training and resources you need at and make sure to check out all the additional resources ARA has available to members at We will continuously look for new resources, training and anything else to ensure our members are profitable and successful, because your success is our mission.

Reach Sandy Blalock at Share your thoughts pertaining to the advancement of professional automotive recycling. Your letter could be published in an upcoming issue.

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