Sail Away with ARA

Jul 1, 2023 | Industry

One of the most critical parts of growing your business is networking with other owners/operators. Networking involves building relationships, establishing connections, and fostering mutually beneficial collaborations with individuals and organizations. As a business owner, your network can be a valuable asset, offering a plethora of opportunities that can contribute to your company’s growth and prosperity.

ARA recognizes the importance of the networking environment. We see it every year at our annual convention and expo. So much business happens in the hallways, restaurants, and bars. ARA has decided we would create some fun events specifically for networking. The first one this year was a day of sailing on a luxury yacht in Annapolis, Maryland.  

The event’s unofficial start was on Friday, June 23rd when Greg Condon held an open house at his facility in Westminster, Maryland. Greg is a very active member with ARA, the founder of the Professional Salvage Yard Information Forum, and for the past six decades, Condon’s Auto Parts has built a reputation as a trusted supplier of auto parts for customers in Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and across Northern Virginia. We appreciated his hospitality!

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