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May 1, 2021 | Industry

ARC Welcomes a New Chairman – Dalbert Livingstone

At a recent Board of Directors  meeting of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC), long-time Chairman Wally Dingman from Caughill Auto Wreckers in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario announced he was stepping down as Chairman.

“I have been on the ARC Board since 2008, and in the Chair position since 2011,” said Wally.

“I thought it was time I moved on and let some of the younger Board Members take over.

But I definitely still wanted to be involved in providing whatever guidance I can and assist in the transition to a new Chair. There are a lot of very interesting and challenging issues that ARC has taken on, and we need to make sure those keep rolling along.”

The Board immediately appointed Dalbert Livingstone from Island Auto Supply in Charlottetown PEI.

“Wally and I have been speaking over the past few months about his transition out of the Chair position, and he asked if I was ready to take over,” said Dalbert. “While you never think you are ready to take over guidance of a national industry association, with Wally agreeing to stay on the Board and mentor my transition, it was an honor I could not pass up.”

Dalbert Livingstone steps into the ARC chair,
after Wally Dingman steps away after 13 years in service to ARC.

Dalbert, while youthful in the industry, has a long history of service. He purchased Island Auto Supply in 2013 from his grandfather Harvey Livingstone. He joined the Board of Directors of the ARC Atlantic affiliate, the Automotive Recyclers Association of Atlantic Canada (ARAAC) in 2012 to start his education of working within industry associations. This was an especially sweet election, as Harvey was one of the founders of the Maritime Auto Wreckers Association in 1972 – the precursor to the present day ARAAC. Dalbert eventually worked his way up to President of that association and is now the Treasurer.

In addition, Dalbert spent four years on the Board of Directors of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) as the Canadian representative. He joined the ARC Board in 2017.

“I am incredibly honored to be the Chair, and I would like to help Canadian auto recyclers with any regulatory changes in their respective provinces, especially with the rapid deployment of high-voltage cars coming to market. ARC needs to be on the forefront of training, safety, and proper recycling of these EVs and their batteries.

I would also like to help Canadian recyclers with the burden of time and money spent acquiring salvage and work to find ways to ease tension with the auction companies. Most of all, I would like to see ARC continue as the driver for positive change in the industry, raising awareness of professional auto recycling in all corners of the country and on the international scene as well.”

Auto recyclers from across Canada welcome Dalbert to the position, and thank Wally for his many years of service.

See the story on page 57 for more on Dalbert Livingstone and his business, Island Auto Supply.

“With Wally agreeing to stay on the Board and mentor my transition, it was an honor I could not pass up.”

Dalbert Livingstone


Cash Car Buyers

Central Avenue Auto Parts

CMR Auto & Metal Recycling

49 Hopkins Auto Parts

Eccomelt, LLC.

Southern Metals Recycling

dba Coastal U Pull It

Representing ARA Members at a National and Global Industry Level

ARA representatives participated in both U.S.-based and international industry meetings in late spring. Association staff joined many ARA members online for the virtual ISRI Conference in late April, attending educational sessions on topics important to both the automotive and scrap recycling industries, such as commodities market spotlights, projections for the 117th Congress, safety, and catalytic converter theft. Executive Director Sandy Blalock and Second Vice President Shan McMillon attended the in-person and virtual Collision Industry Conference (CIC) meeting on April 21-22, one of the first industry meetings to resume at least some portion of the event in-person. The meeting included sessions on topics such as industry disruptions, data security and privacy.

Blalock then presented virtually to a diverse audience of automotive recyclers, suppliers, and other stakeholders during the India International Vehicle Recycling Summit on April 27. ARA’s presentation focused on automotive recycling around the globe and was entitled “Reuse Then Recycle” to emphasize the industry’s vital role in the life cycle of a vehicle at the end of its roadworthy life. Blalock also touched on recent trends in industry technology, operations, safety and training resources available, and the need for auto recyclers to take advantage of new opportunities that arise with the advanced technology in electric and self-driving vehicles. 

ARA Testifies Against Discriminatory Parts Utilization Bill in Rhode Island

On May 20th ARA Executive Director Sandy Blalock, ARA President Scott Robertson, several members of affiliate chapter the Automotive Recyclers Association of Rhode Island, as well as ARA associate members LKQ and Advanced Remarketing Services testified in opposition to Rhode Island House Bill 6325, which would place severe limitations on the utilization of ROE parts in the state.  The bill proposes six limitations on the utilization of used parts that are not only punitive to the automotive recycling industry but are anticompetitive and misleading to Rhode Island consumers.  Among the limitations is a requirement that used parts must be sourced within 50 miles, a point which ARA argued is a violation of the dormant commerce clause prohibiting state legislation that discriminates against interstate commerce.  ARA’s written testimony as well as Ms. Blalock’s verbal remarks focused on the discriminatory nature of the legislation and a lack of understanding about the sophistication of today’s electronic replacement parts marketplace.  A hearing on the Senate companion bill, SB 869 is expected to take place in late May and automotive recyclers will continue to vigorously oppose the legislation.

Automotive Recyclers Association

Professional Automotive Recycler Jason Cross Recognized as 2021 ABP Industry Influencer

The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) is proud to announce that Board member Jason Cross was recognized on the 2021 Industry Influencers List published by U.K. publication Autobody Professionals Club Limited (ABP). Cross, Client Relationship Director for Synetiq, was one of only 15 suppliers to achieve the distinction.

“On behalf of the ARA membership and staff, I am delighted to congratulate Jason on this honor,” said ARA Executive Director, Sandy Blalock. “Jason has been an active Association volunteer for many years and currently serves on the ARA Board of Directors. We are pleased that his peers in the U.K. have recognized the many attributes and experience that Jason brings to the table.”

The annual ABP Industry Influencers List is comprised of individuals selected by the organization as “having the greatest influence on our industry and are recognized by the body shops as having an effect – direct or indirect – on their business.”

ABP represents over 2,500 members, including body shops, automobile manufacturers, insurers, suppliers, and distributors. “As a long-time member of the ABP Club I am honored to be included in this year’s ABP 2021 Bodyshop Industry Influencers List,” said Cross. “I have been fortunate enough to attend almost every ARA convention in the last 10 years and what I have learned from fellow global industry colleagues (and now friends) during those trips has been invaluable.”

Individuals selected have “the greatest influence on our industry and are recognized by the body shops as having an effect on their business.

Active State Legislative Season Wraps Up

The majority of state legislatures have now adjourned for the year, marking the end of a frenetic first half of 2021 with many elected officials determined to make up for time lost last year, when many states shut down completely due to COVID-19. Despite the challenges of virtual committee hearings, limited ability to interact in person with legislators, and a focus on budgetary measures that dominated many statehouses, automotive recyclers across the country were able to make an impact on behalf of their businesses and the recycled parts market.

As expected, legislation seeking to mandate adherence to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) repair procedures was introduced in several states, including New Hampshire, Washington, Arizona, Texas, Nebraska, and Illinois. This has been a recurring issue that stakeholders across the replacement parts market have fought as OEM repair procedures, specifications, directives, processes and other documentation often outright prohibit the utilization of anything other than new OEM parts.

At the time that this publication is printed, legislation is still pending in Texas and Illinois.

Catalytic converter theft has been a serious problem for many ARA members, other businesses and vehicle owners as the price of commodities has skyrocketed.

Legislation seeking to deter catalytic converter theft was introduced in nearly every state this year. ARA focused its resources and political capital on simultaneously protecting recyclers’ ability to sell detached catalytic converters as a repair part while also equipping local law enforcement with the tools needed to effectively deter and punish catalytic converter theft. ARA is also active in industry groups focused on the problem.

Other issue areas that were a focus of ARA activity during the months of May and June include potential state working groups on lithium-ion batteries, illegal dismantling, stormwater, automotive parts taxes, access to vehicle data and telematics, and detitling.

ARA Invited to work with the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) to Combat Catalytic Converter Theft

ARA is proud to announce that it has been working with the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) to craft national policy on catalytic converter theft. IAATI is an international Law Enforcement organization whose purpose is to improve communication and coordination among professional auto theft investigators throughout the world. IAATI has approximately 3,000 members representing 58 countries and its membership includes law enforcement agencies as well as stakeholders in the automotive industry. ARA was recently accepted as a member of IAATI and was invited to sit on its Subcommittee on Catalytic Converter Thefts. 

IAATI’s Subcommittee on Catalytic Converter Thefts has been working to develop national policy and legislation aimed at effectively combating rampant catalytic converter thefts. As a member of IAATI’s Subcommittee on Catalytic Converter Thefts, ARA has been able to provide national law enforcement with expertise and knowledge on end-of-life vehicles and the automotive recycling industry. The input provided to the Subcommittee on Catalytic Converter Thefts by ARA has contributed to IAATI adopting a resolution to Raise Awareness and Promote Measures to Reduce the Theft of Catalytic Converters. As a part of the resolution, IAATI has identified six policy points necessary for effective catalytic converter anti-theft legislation. One of the six points protects an automotive recycler’s ability to resell used OEM catalytic converters as motor vehicle repair parts. The six policy points are as follows:

1. Identify with certainty the person selling the Catalytic Converter;

2. Identify with certainty the vehicle from which the Catalytic Converter was removed;

3. Require a traceable payment and prohibit cash transactions;

4. Require records of Catalytic Converter transactions be maintained and made accessible to law enforcement upon request;

5. The penalty for not meeting the above requirements needs to be a sufficient deterrent.

6. The Environmental Protection Agency (or an equivalent official entity with appropriate jurisdiction) governs what specific Catalytic Converters can be sold in that market. If requirements 1-4 above are satisfied, theft is not considered an issue.

Furthermore, as a part of the Subcommittee on Catalytic Converter Thefts’ work, the Institute of Scrap Metal Recycling Industries (ISRI) issued a joint press release with IAATI calling for vehicle owners to engrave, mark, or label catalytic converters. By engraving, marking, and/or labeling catalytic converters, the IAATI resolution’s second policy point of needing to “identify with certainty the vehicle from which the catalytic converter was removed” is met.


Government Affairs Committee

Co-Chair: RD Hopper (Sonny’s Auto Salvage, Jacksonville, AR)

Co-Chair: Slater Shroyer (Shroyer’s Auto Parts, Lansing, MI)

Norman Wright (Stadium Auto & Truck Parts, Inc., Denver, CO)

Christine Phillips (Schnitzer Steel/Pick-n-Pull, Rancho Cordova, CA)

Gary Lindros (Ace Pick A Part, Jacksonville Beach, FL)

Lance Thomas (BYOT Auto Parts, Elm Mott, TX)

George Sapir (Intercity Auto Wrecking Co., Bedford, OH)

Mike Swift (Swift’s Trails End Auto Recycling, Des Moines, IA)

Kelley Gossett (LKQ Corp., Washington, DC)

John Bianculli (U-Pull-&-Pay, Orlando, FL)

Ricky Young (Young’s Auto Center & Salvage, Benson, NC)

Ron Mathews (Auto Recyclers Association of Rhode Island)

Steve Levetan (Pull-a-Part, Atlanta, GA)

Technical Advisory Committee

Chair: Emily Yancey (Yancey Auto Salvage, Perry, MO)

International Committee

Chair: Steve Fletcher (Automotive Recyclers of Canada, London, ON)

Affiliate Chapters Committee

Chair: Ron Matthews (Auto Recyclers Association of Rhode Island)

Certification Committee

Chair: Shannon Nordstrom (Nordstrom’s Automotive, Garretson, SD)

Dalbert Livingstone (Island Auto Supply, Winsloe, PEI)

Linda Pitman (Lifetime Honorary Member)

Fran Reitman (Reitman Auto Parts & Sales, Inc., Melbourne, KY)

Eric Schulz (AAA Auto Salvage, Inc., Rosemount, MN)

Slater Shroyer (Shroyer’s Auto Parts, Lansing, MI)

Amanda Matlock (Matlock’s Used Cars & Parts, Inc., Claremont, NC)

Dean Yancey (Yancey Auto Salvage, Perry, MO)

Mike Swift (Swift’s Trails End Auto Recycling, Des Moines, IA)

Pat Huesers (Pam’s Auto, Inc., St. Cloud, MN)

Annual Convention Educational Programming Committee

Chair: Natalie Miller (Miller’s Auto Recycling, Ltd., Fort Erie, ON)

Brian Collins (Commercial Forms, Brighton, MI)

Becky Berube (United Catalyst Corporation, Fountain Inn, SC)

Greg Condon (Condon’s Auto Parts, Westminster, MD)

Greg Daurio (Daurio Auto – Truck, Inc., Pueblo, CO)

Kirk Monger (Hollander, a Solera Company, Minneapolis, MN)

Roger Schroder (Foreign Auto Salvage;, Fort Wright, KY)

Ron Mathews (Auto Recyclers Association of Rhode Island)

Steve Fletcher (Automotive Recyclers of Canada, London, ON)

Steve Holland (Brandon Auto Services, Inc., Valrico, FL)

Terry Charlton (Charlton Recycled Autoparts, Ltd., Cambridge, Cambridge)

WHY I SERVE – Mike Swift

“Government affairs has always interested me. I enjoy speaking to politicians in Iowa and also

at the nation’s Capitol about how many wrongs are done to this industry. We are the voice – the only voice – since 1943. Without ARA, I can’t imagine what would have happened to our industry and the auto recyclers’ rights to sell ROE–Recycled Original Parts®.  I do believe one day the OEMs will realize our value. What a great time to be an auto recycler – living the dream!”


Natalie Miller is a third-generation auto recycler with Miller’s Auto Recycling, a company founded by her grand-father in 1952 in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada. Prior to joining the business, Natalie was a physician’s assistant for an Orthopedic group in Amherst, New York. In her 10 years with Miller’s, Natalie’s role has included human resources, finance, marketing, sales and strategic planning. She is the chair of the ARA Annual Convention Educational Programming Committee, a newly appointed member of the ARA Board of Directors as the Canadian Representative and remains on the OARA (Ontario Auto Recyclers Association) Board of Directors.


Brian Collins has worked with automotive recyclers for over 35 years, when he came into the industry in 1984 as a field installer and, later, VP of Sales for AutoInfo. While working with the new Yard Management Computer Systems, he discovered the lack of and need for a centralized source for the computerized forms, tags and industry-specific consumable supplies. In 1988 he founded Commercial Forms, for which he is President, to serve these needs of automotive recyclers. He has been an ARA associate member and annual convention attendee since 1990. 


Gary Lindros has been involved in the car industry for most of his life. He was first exposed to the industry while spending time at his family’s used car lots, washing and detailing cars. He later spent summers helping out at the family’s transmission shops. After college and several years working in both the paper and telecommunications industries, Gary returned to the car business. He began working for the family’s u-pull-it facility, Ace Pick A Part, located in Jacksonville, Florida in 1996 as a cashier and inventory clerk. He ascended to Vice President and is in charge of daily operations at Ace’s 30-acre facility. He also serves the current president of the Florida Auto Dismantlers & Recyclers Association (FADRA).


Norman Wright, owner of Stadium Auto Parts, purchased the facility from his father in 1971. Today, Stadium is one of the top auto recycling facilities in Colorado, with two locations and over 30 employees. It celebrated 75 years of business in 2020. Stadium is a longstanding member of the ARA and Colorado Auto Recyclers Association (CAR), to name a few. It is an ARA CAR Certified and ARA Gold Seal facility, as well as a member of United Recycler’s Group (URG) and Premium Recycled Parts (PRP). Norman serves as a past president of both the CAR and the ARA. He served on ARA’s Board of Directors and has chaired numerous ARA committees including insurance, membership, and most notably as longstanding chair of the ARA Government Affairs and State Regulations Committees. He continues on to serve on the CAR Board of Directors and the ARA Governmental Affairs Committee.

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