Industry Events That Keep On Giving

Jul 1, 2023 | Industry

By Sandy Blalock • ARA Executive Director

I’ve attended many industry conventions, conferences and expositions and always found them to be highly beneficial for my business and myself for a variety of reasons. I would like to share some of the great benefits and experiences that are possible.

Yes, it does cost money to attend conventions and conferences. Just consider the cost as an investment! Deals from vendors, new contacts, and inspired employees can do a lot to help your small business grow, and auto recycling industry events can be a great place to get all of these things.

I always found that the networking at industry events brings together a diverse group of professionals, including experts, potential customers, partners, and competitors. Networking allows us to build meaningful relationships, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations.

When I was new to the industry I needed to know more about it. Seminars, presentations, and keynote speeches delivered by industry leaders and experts helped to fulfill some of my needs. These sessions provide valuable insights, updates on the latest trends and technologies, and opportunities to enhance our knowledge and skills.

Of course, exposure to new products and services related to our industry provides some of the best learning opportunities – and they keep expanding every year. Attending events allows us to discover innovative solutions, technologies, and advancements that can benefit business operations. In addition to being introduced to some of the leading vendors, industry events can help you learn about new and more efficient ways of doing things.

Are you frustrated with an aspect of work and even though you’ve tried, you just can’t figure out a solution? Conferences and trade shows help identify issues and get rid of them, because you learn from others who have probably experienced the same thing! They provide an opportunity to conduct market research and gain insights into the current market landscape. Learning about competitors’ products, business strategies, and customer preferences can help businesses make informed decisions.

Exhibiting at an industry exposition can significantly enhance a company’s visibility and brand recognition. It offers a platform to showcase products, services, and expertise to a targeted audience, potentially attracting new customers and partners.

Conventions offer a chance to reconnect with existing clients, strengthen relationships, and gain valuable feedback on products and services.

Attending industry events can lead to new business opportunities, such as partnerships, joint ventures, and strategic alliances that might not have been possible otherwise. I am often inspired because there’s something special about an event where everyone is there and focused on what they love to do. If I have been feeling a little bit down about the way things are going at work lately, or a little bit worried that your business isn’t meeting its customer’s needs or just want to find a different approach, conferences and trade shows like the ARA 80th Annual Convention and Expo can open up new possibilities and perspective.

Engaging in discussions, workshops, and presentations can help professionals grow and expand their knowledge base, improving their overall expertise in the industry.  When I was new, I felt one of the best parts of attending auto recycling events was hearing a variety of speakers talk about their journey’s successes and failures. Speakers share about failure, but you also learn how they overcame their obstacles and became a leader in our industry. The most profound thing I learned was that it is okay to fail as long as you learn from that experience and use it to grow.

Industry events often present the latest research findings, emerging trends, and future projections, enabling attendees to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate changes in the market. We will have some exciting news to share at this year’s 80th Anniversary ARA Convention and Expo.

Overall, auto recycling industry events, whether it is the ARA Convention or your state or regional event, offer members of our unique industry a dynamic platform for networking, learning, business growth, and staying up to date with industry developments. Participating will lead to numerous advantages that can positively impact both you and businesses in the long run. This is your true ROI on the cost of attending.

I look forward to seeing you at this year’s exciting 80th Anniversary ARA Convention and Expo. Come learn and share with us so we can all grow and prosper together. 

Reach Sandy Blalock at Share your thoughts pertaining to the advancement of professional automotive recycling. Your letter could be published in an upcoming issue.

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