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Jul 1, 2020 | Industry

A picture is worth a thousand words. Check out these highly organized ARA member facilities.

Affordable Auto & Truck Parts • Longview WA

Lobby Before
Lobby Before
Lobby After
Lobby After

Cunningham Brothers • Rustburg, VA

Nationwide Auto Recycling • Lancaster, MA

This one takes some explaining!

Nationwide Auto Recycling just completed roof 1 of 15 of solar-powered canopies. When completed they will have the largest covered, eco-friendly auto recycling facility, consisting of 15 canopies on about 8 acres under roof. They are putting cars and parts storage under the canopies once completed. They are all solar powered with a 5 mega watt system. All in, it is about a 12 million dollar project. They are hoping to be completed before the first snow. When the project is complete they will announce more details!

Nordstrom's Automotive, Inc. • Garretson, SD

”Nordstrom’s full-service and self-service ’twisted lifter‘ dismantling areas are pretty darn efficient,“ according to Shannon Nordstrom. ”Each dismantler has his own 1-ton bridge on the underhung crane system. SRS fluid extraction equipment is plumbed throughout the building. Antifreeze and oil together are drained to SRS Oil Antifreeze separator system, which separates it and automatically sends it off to the respective tanks, super simple other than watching filters! Each dismantler has a high lift rotary 12,000 lbs lift that gives them great clearance underneath and allow for a open floor around them to work and open doors. The shop is cleaned every Friday, including pretreating the floor and going over it with an advanced riding floor scrubber. The twisted lifter from SRS allows us to tilt and dive the end-of-life cars to assure we get maximum fluid out of each. The pit below this, drains to the same separator. PS, our new lobby is pretty cool, too!“

Speedway Auto Parts, LTD. • Joliet, IL

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