Equipment Roundup

Mar 1, 2023 | Industry

ARA associate member companies share their latest equipment with Automotive Recycling magazine.

Automotive Recycling presents its annual Equipment Roundup, which showcases the latest and greatest equipment offerings within the automotive recycling industry. More than ever before, auto recyclers depend on various types of equipment to do business and manufacturers are continually evolving their product offerings – introducing new equipment and also new advancements to their existing product line-up. The Automotive Recyclers Association offers a variety of opportunities for companies to advertise and market their products and services, and our Equipment Roundup is one area of great interest to ARA members. Our members recognize the speed at which technology and equipment is changing, and are interested in learning more about how manufacturers are helping make auto recycling processes and procedures easier through their equipment innovations.

Bud Roberts Co., Inc.

3027 Summer Oak Place

Buford, GA 30518


Bud Roberts Co., Inc. was started by Bud Roberts in October of 1982. Our mission was, and still is, to supply auto parts yards, scrap yards and anyone else needing quality products to work with their loaders and other processing equipment. We specialize in forks, grapples and tires.

We have many 6’, 7’ and 15’ units (JRB, Volvo, IT and Fusion Quick Couplers) readily available or can get them in only a few days. While we have standard units available, we will

also build to our customers’ special needs.

Gensco Equipment, Inc.

53 Carlaw Ave

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

M4M 2R6


Gensco, a 100-year-old global recycling equipment supplier, recognizes that business owners struggle to maintain healthy profitability while adhering to the proper process of depolluting and dismantling ELVs.

In response, Gensco Equipment Inc. has partnered with industry leaders in ELV depollution and dismantling, to provide equipment that saves time and generates revenue while meeting ELV recycling regulations. Gensco offers equipment that recovers fluid, copper, aluminum, plastic, rubber, and precious metals, quickly, safely and with ease.

State-of-the-art hydraulic lifts with drill drainage systems built-in, have been designed for the easy extraction, separation, and compliant storage of various auto fluids. These systems also integrate with ramps and lifts that operations already have in place. Fluids can be segregated, assessed for quality, and recorded for compliance purposes as you work.

Specially designed hydraulic tilting tables come with clamp and elevation options to provide a safe and efficient means of extracting valuable parts from an ELV such as alternators, wire harnesses, and catalytic converters. Gensco provides the equipment to process these parts further and recover valuable copper, palladium, platinum, and rhodium.  

With the right equipment Gensco offers a means to be compliant, responsible, and profitable all at once.

Having served the metal recycling industry for over four generations, Gensco Equipment has learned to choose our manufacturing partners carefully. “We know that behind every machine is a relationship and an expectation that we will back our products and provide a lifetime of support for them.” Call Gensco today to learn more about ELV processing products.

Induction Innovations

1175 Jansen Farm Ct.

Elgin, IL 60123


Induction Innovations® is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of high-performance induction heaters for over 22 years. Our headquarters and all manufacturing is located in Elgin, IL. We are proud to be the home of the original Mini-Ductor® tool. Our flameless heating tools have been designed to solve problems such as removing corroded parts and adhesives, auto glass, body moldings, and more, without the collateral damage that comes from using an open flame. Torches can be unreliable, time-consuming, and cause unnecessary damage to pieces that auto recyclers are trying to salvage. Using Invisible Heat®, our tools provide a much safer, faster, and more reliable way of releasing those parts.

The purchase of our induction heaters can help auto recyclers improve their business by saving them time on tasks like removing auto glass, nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. Our Inductor® line of products, such as the Inductor® Max or Glass Blaster, provide a safer alternative to using an open flame by helping remove adhesives sealing auto glass without damaging paint, encapsulant and frit, parts near fasteners and avoid injuries. You can remove body side molding and pinstriping in seconds, quarter glass in less than three minutes and windshields in less than 15 minutes. Being able to properly, and safely remove parts to help increase every auto recycler’s revenue is a huge win. We believe in doing it better, doing it faster, and doing it safer to help maximize your needs. Switch to induction heat today.

Purchase one of our induction heaters today by visiting, or call toll-free 877-688-9633.

LEFORT America

10895 NW 50th St.

Sunrise, FL 33351


Nestor Lefort began in 1947, in Gosselies, Belgium, in a small workshop specializing in the manufacture and maintenance of hydraulic equipment. In 1958, Yvon Lefort designed the world’s first hydraulic crocodile shear. In 1966, the first automatic guillotine shear was born. A few years later, in 1970, Yvon patented the first toggle action compression box. In 1982, Christian Lefort, son of Yvon, grandson of Nestor, designed the first towable shear. This machine has given birth to an impressive range of mobile machines of all sizes, including our revolutionary, patented “Trax” crawler machine.

Today, LEFORT is in the fourth generation, with Christian Lefort’s sons also hard at work at the company every day, a true family legacy!  

Every LEFORT is manufactured to the same exacting standards today as have been a hallmark of the LEFORT name since 1947. Our dedicated staff is committed to providing you, the customer, the best possible ownership experience for the life of your machine.

To date, LEFORT has supplied balers and shears to over 4,000 customers worldwide. Every machine offered by LEFORT America is factory fitted with a full machine automatic lube system, as well as a modem, which allows our technical staff to communicate remotely with your machine to assist in facilitating diagnostic, repair and maintenance activities. Many of our customers have their machines set up for full time online connectivity, which further enhances our ability to assist with performance improvements and operational improvement recommendations.  

Contact us for more information at: or at 954-916-7379.


780 West Park Ave NW

Huron, SD 57350

Main: 1-800-548-6469

Sales: 1-605-352-6469

OverBuilt was founded in 1991 by father and son, Dick & Scott Rink, as a job shop. Their reputation for innovative design and intricate welding practices grew quickly. In 1992, Dick was approached by a couple of scrap buddies to build a crusher “with a larger opening to fit more cars in a bundle and make it faster than the others on the market now.”

In 1994, the first OverBuilt High Speed Car Crusher rolled off the line and that crusher is still working today. With a 10’ opening to allow more cars in a stack and the ability to build 20’, 22’, and 24’ charge boxes, we took our place as the #1 selling car crusher in the industry by the late 1990s.

There are also many options that we can add to build a custom crusher for your operation. State-of-the-art remote control systems and easy maintenance has kept us leading the pack. Our Model 20 Baler Logger was conceived shortly after the crusher, and it too has taken its place as the #1 seller in the industry. With 220 tons of baling pressure per door and 175 tons of logging pressure per Ram with a TwinRam system, it makes big things small so as to maximize shipping weight on every load. With a 26.5’ reach on the crane, 5000 lb. lift at 25 feet and a 40-second cycle time, no job is to big. Cars, trucks, loose scrap, whites, we can do it all.

Call 605-352-6469 or email

SAS Forks

P.O. Box 260

Luxemburg, WI 54217-0260


920-845-2309 (fax)

SAS Forks began life in 1972 as a late model auto salvage yard and over the past 50 years evolved into a full line attachment manufacturer. Starting with our 15 ft. forks in the 70’s, then to car body and crushing forks in the 80’s and eventually hydraulically operated engine pullers and grapples in the 90’s to present. SAS latest offering is a venture into excavators with our Extreme Auto Processor and the Vulture and the Railcar Coupler for wheel loaders. SAS has worked in, around and for the auto salvage and scrap recycling industry ever since its first day of existence.

SAS constantly works to stay ahead of the needs of the industry and its customers. Our products are designed to be direct fit to the equipment it’s ordered for and have minimal setup or assembly by the customer. With a strong market and public need for more and more recycled metals, SAS Forks goal is to continue to serve those needs and invent new products to make the job more efficient and profitable.

Sellick Equipment Limited

2131 Roseborough Rd.

Harrow, ON N0R 1G0, Canada


Sellick Equipment Limited, manufacturers of rough terrain forklifts, has a long relationship with the Automotive Recyclers Association and many of its members. By being involved with the organization and listening to customer concerns, the Sellick engineering team was able to make design changes and add options to improve performance and increase productivity for this demanding industry. Optional features such as skid plates to protect the undercarriage from damage; glass guards to prevent cab glass breakage; a selection of foam filled heavy ply tires or solid tires to prevent flats; and hydraulic accumulators to provide a soft ride so vehicles and parts are less likely to shift on the forks are all designed to lower operating costs and improve productivity.

Sellick forklift capacities range from 5,000 lbs. to 16,000 lbs. and all have optional four-wheel drive. A wide range of lift heights, fork lengths and carriage options are available.

Sellick Equipment has been designing and manufacturing machinery since 1969 and Sellick products are supported by a nationwide dealer network.


7235 East Hampton Ave #107

Mesa, AZ 85209

Toll Free: 800-999-8100

Outside US: 480-789-3893

Fax: 480-304-4870

At Supershear, we take pride in our specially built product line of machines made in the U.S., in our Arizona production facilities. Our machines are built to take on your toughest shearing work.

To support your workflow, we want to make sure you know about our full range of services that can extend the life of your equipment through regular tune-ups and refurbishing.

We can help maintain your equipment! We don’t want you to lose out on valuable dismantling production time with equipment that just needs a tune-up to return it to peak performance.

If your Supershear is in need of repair, we will have you up and running again in no time flat. You only pay for parts – we cover the labor! In most cases, turn-around time is only one day.

Our fleet of Supershears includes our 12-volt Supershear, 110/220-volt Supershear, Gas Supershear, and Decanner.

Don’t Buy a Copycat, Buy the Original. The ORIGINAL Supershear hydraulic catalytic converter cutter has provided the recycling industry the BEST tool for the removal of the catalytic converter. Safe, powerful, efficient and economical, Supershear is the industry’s preferred cutting tool! For more information on our machines, visit Our site includes parts options, repair videos and FAQs to keep you informed on your equipment purchase.

If you are ready to purchase a new machine or add to your fleet of SuperShears, call us TODAY!


Vortex Depollution & Recycling Equipment

12445 E. 39th Ave., Ste. 506

Denver, CO 80239-3457


Vortex manufactures vehicle drain and processing equipment for the end of life vehicle industry.

Making industry leading equipment specifically for the North American market, we offer everything from single tools for recovering gasoline through to custom designed rack systems to reduce handling vehicles and everything in between. Our equipment is designed to meet what the user wants, whether it’s a drill or a punch for the gas tank or a tilt to maximize drain efficiency, Vortex has equipment to meet your needs.

As well as the drain equipment Vortex sells all the equipment for processing the vehicles such as cat cutters, fluid storage tanks and AC Recovery equipment, we can also design and install the equipment specifically for your facility including all the plumbing if required, giving you a turnkey operation.

Vortex also works in partnership with some of the best equipment manufacturers around the world to offer a range of metal processing equipment such as McIntyre Alligator shears, Catalytic converter de-canning systems, car and metal balers and shear balers, we can also offer cable and wire harness granulation systems and engine crackers all to help maximize your profitability.

Vortex’s aim is to help our customers to become more efficient, safer and more profitable with our tried and tested equipment solutions.

Wen Industries

12 Webb Drive

Merrimack, NH 03054


The safest, fastest, and easiest way to remove automotive fluids from end-of-life vehicles. WEN Industries offers a complete line of portable fluid extraction equipment including:

• Gas & Diesel Buggies

• Fuel Tank Drills

• Refrigerant Recovery Equipment

• Heavy Duty Mobile Drain Tables

• Antifreeze & Oil Pump Transfer Systems

• And hundreds of related parts – from pumps to hoses to filters and much more – all with same-day shipping

For excellent customer service or technical support contact us today!

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