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Nov 1, 2020 | Business

Technology makes the wheels go ’round for savvy auto recyclers. Here are some forward-thinking providers to consider who’ll make sure you stay connected to innovation.

ARA University

ARAU Trains the Industry. ARA University – a free ARA Member Benefit – is an online training platform specifically for the automotive recycling industry. With vehicle technology constantly changing, training is a necessity. ARAU has a fast-growing course catalog that is focused on keeping up with the rapid changes of the industry. The courses provide your team with valuable training, in areas like safety, sales & inventory.

Benefits to your company & employees include:

• Easy-to-use online platform with 24/7 access from a computer.

• OSHA environmental & regulatory compliance training.

• Nine training tracks that educate employees on best practices.

• Management reports to track & document an employee’s progress.

• Employees train at their own pace with their own portal access.

• Aids employee recruitment & retention through advanced training.

Registration is fast and easy at

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ARA Certification

Compliance Matters and Certification is the Tool. The professional automotive recycling industry places significant emphasis on the importance of certification, and for over 20 years the CAR Program has provided professional automotive recyclers with a set of standards for general business practices, environmental and safety issues.

The program is one of the cornerstones of ARA and industry partners recognize CAR certified automotive recyclers as market leaders. The Certified Auto Recycler or CAR Program is backed by knowledgeable staff and an Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) Certification Committee made up of dedicated auto recyclers to provide the most practical compliance assistance in the industry.

The CAR Program uses Compliance Checkpoint to guide participants through the path to compliance in an easy-to-use method. The CAR Program is a tool to be used to track and guide compliance and quality for professional auto recyclers.

Whether you are new or renewing, CAR membership begins with ordering a certification tracking record. The new online system is easy to use, as well as easy to start and stop at any time. Multiple users can easily access your annual record so that third party auditors may enter assessments and photographs or staff can complete the basic facility information or update the record when improvements have been made throughout the year.

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Buddy Automotive Innovations – Inventory Buddy

Inventory Buddy Version 7 has added several new features to make inventorying cars easier and smarter! Additional picture controls have been added where you can now crop pictures in our Final Desktop Review, and automatically add watermark logos to the pictures (however, as an FYI, watermark logos may violate eBay terms). If you are a Bid Buddy customer, as well, you could even cheat and automatically import the auction pictures into your Inventory Buddy.

Added integration with URG Parts Pro has added a crash guide data hotkey to Inventory Buddy. Hotkeys for eBay Sold Listings and generic Google searches are one button click away now, too. You can now also automatically save a recall report in your vehicle pictures to prove you checked for recalls at the time of inventory. Those recalls are automatically checked and displayed as you inventory the vehicle to ensure you are properly notified of recalled parts, and will automatically tell you if RAS is paying for the recalled airbag. Support for additional cloud utilities besides Dropbox, such as Google Drive and simple file sharing has been added as well.

Inventory Buddy makes it very easy to walk around the vehicle to inventory a new salvage purchase, note damages, and take pictures all on a Windows Tablet, and we then transfer the file over to your normal PC to price the parts before putting them into your Powerlink or Pinnacle Professional Inventory Management System. Our support staff is only a phone call or simple connect up away from helping you inventory cars even quicker today!

Buddy Automotive Innovations, LLC  | John Johnson Jr.  |

Buddy Automotive Innovations – Bid Buddy

Buddy Automotive Innovations announces the availability of Version 8 of our popular Bidding Software. There are two significant enhancements in this version that gives you even more control over how you price a vehicle, and more data at your fingertips.

Our new Triple Score feature now calculates three different QCI Scores at once (Quick Counts Index). This gives you the ability to essentially have three separate sets of settings to bid cars differently. You could have one setup as the normal bid, one could be a mechanical only, one could be sheet metal only. This should help you better decide what a vehicle is truly worth to you based on if you are looking to purchase high margin cars or low-end cars to better fill your inventory.

Another great enhancement is automatic lookups in the NSVRP Recall Database. The National Salvage Vehicle Reporting Program Recall database has all the recall data for practically every vehicle out there, so you will be able to tell at one glance in Bid Buddy if this VIN has any recalls that have not been corrected yet. This lookup happens in the background automatically when you open a vehicle so it does not slow down your bidding at all. This is great for catching those air bag recalls so your bid can be adjusted accordingly.

We continue to roll out Version 7 of our Inventory Buddy software as well, which includes new features such as the ability to crop pictures and add logo watermarks to your pictures, integration with URG Parts Pro, and support of multiple sync systems like Google Drive in addition to Dropbox.

Buddy Automotive Innovations, LLC  |  Mike Lambert  |  |’s Checkmate 2020R6

In Checkmate 2020R6, the Checkmate product suite is getting major enhancements to all phases of the Inventory process. These new features and enhancements are designed to help you extract more money from the vehicles that you're already buying!

• Partmate: With the new $martList feature, you will be able to easily identify the parts that will lead to profits. $martList makes it easier than ever to identify “hidden value” and inventory the right parts for your business. The transparent algorithm suggests the parts to inventory, based on and Integrated Car Part Pro (iPro) marketplace data, Car-Part Interchange Plus, and CrashLink labor data.

• Checkmate: 2020R6 will include a new Inventory tool, making it simple and straightforward to edit and maintain inventory. You can edit hundreds of parts in seconds! The Inventory tool will help you “drill down” to exactly the parts you want to edit, and then make/save your changes in just a few clicks. This makes it easy to ensure that your parts are accurately described and priced when they're uploaded to online part listings, like

• Photomate: Now you'll be able to price parts and maintain your Price Book, right from the Photomate mobile app! While you're at it, you can quickly snap multiple part photos and send them to your Checkmate system. Photomate's full integration with Checkmate puts common inventory tasks right on your smartphone.

• Reporting: 2020R6 incorporates Excel spreadsheet reporting, which will give you a quick snapshot of the health of your business.

Roger Schroder  |  |

Customer Research, Inc.

Customer Research, Inc., provides the SureCritic ReviewReach program which enhances your reputation across multiple review sites, while monitoring your entire online reputation all in one portal.

Increase your bottom line with more customer traffic.

• Generate 100’s of 5-Star reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and SureCritic

• Manage your entire online reputation from one web portal

• Improve your local SEO on search engines like Google and Bing

• Track conversions to each site and present a balanced review portfolio across all platforms

• Measure user performance against the business

93 percent of customers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. CRI will drive customers to your business using SureCritic to enhance your reputation and increase positive social sharing.

Dusty Dunkle, President  |


EZ-Suite offers a wide range of consulting services and software’s with the necessary tools and expertise to help grow your business. We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of automotive recycling facilities and deliver management solutions and operational efficiencies. (SEE AD ON NEXT PAGE.)

Chris Atencio  |  |

HOTLINES SmartQuoter for PartsTrader™

Our service provides more efficiency and productivity. It’s proven itself to be extremely successful in significantly increasing Orders & Sales Dollars. Your Sales Team will process more quotes in less time with the added benefit of never missing a sales opportunity. 

• After a live search to your inventory, the SmartQuoter will add your parts & submit the quote within 30 seconds of receiving the quote request. 

• Our SmartQuoter offers hundreds of customizable settings to guarantee we’re quoting the best quality parts, at the best price, and the right delivery date.

• You can customize your profile to include shipping or delivery fees, part specific markups, shop specific delivery calculation, and part specific exclusions based on the part grade, part type, and part description.

• 6 Month Free Trial on PartsTrader for New Customers!!

• Our participants are experiencing 65% – 85% increases in Net Sales

• Accurate Inventory without the hassle of sending daily updates – LIVE Inventory Searches as Quotes are received

• Unlimited Trading/Tiered Partners – Maximize Your Sales Opportunities!

• Your sales team maintains 100% control. They can still access and edit every PartsTrader™ quote like they are now.

• Increased Quote Response Rate resulting in More Orders & More Sales – No More Missed Opportunities!

• Discounted PartsTrader™ monthly subscription fee with Premier Status.

If you’re like over 150 other recyclers and you’d like to increase your sales, call us today at (800) 297-2201.

Chris Shoemaker  |  |

Demand Data by Hotlines Inc.

The Hotlines Demand Data Solution was designed based on feedback from several of the top recyclers in the industry to arm you with the tools you need to purchase and price parts for profitability. 

Let’s face it, the “Do you have…” types of calls continue to dwindle as more and more electronic parts sourcing tools become available. Consequently, a big component of your buying data is missing, impacting your ability to effectively meet your customer’s demand. 

Our service eliminates relying on phone calls to dictate which vehicles to purchase. You’ll have access to the tens of thousands of part requests that flows through our hands on a daily basis.

It’s designed for any recycler who wants to have a substantial impact on their bottom line.


• Increased buying power – Automatically import lost sales data into your IMS as a logged search from three different data sources: Hotlines NXG, PartsHotlines e-commerce site, and PartsTrader.

• Fills the gaps on part requests that the recycler wasn’t aware of because it wasn’t recorded in their IMS as a lookup.

• Displays which vehicles are in high demand, based on request activity by part type and vehicle year range in a customizable market, making you more competitive at auction to buy more cars and generate more revenue.

• Data automatically downloads to Bid Buddy, BidCall, and Bidmate.


Chris Shoemaker  |  |


Few companies can say they invented the solutions that shaped an industry. We can. The Hollander Interchange revolutionized the automotive recycling industry over 86 years ago. And Hollander’s innovative yard management, e-commerce, data, and sales and inventory solutions have been powering the industry ever since.

Whether it’s Hollander Powerlink to streamline yard operations, Hollander EDEN to supplement parts inventory or Hollander eLink to sell parts across the globe, more than 3,000 recycling yards trust Hollander solutions to operate more efficiently, make better decisions, open new markets and sell more parts.

We draw upon a legacy of innovation, a forward-thinking culture and about superb employees to create solutions that helps auto recyclers become more productive and profitable.

Kirk Munger  |  |


Peddle is a modern car buying service that makes selling any car fast, easy, and awesome. Sellers simply answer a few questions about the vehicle they are looking to sell and are instantly presented with an offer. To complete the sale, sellers accept their offer to have Peddle send a carrier to pick up the vehicle at its current location and pay them on the spot.

The Buyer Network consists of dealers across the country that buy used and junk cars for resale, parts, or scrap. Buyers can place pre-set bids based on the types of vehicles they would like to buy, which get factored into Peddle's instant offer to sellers. Peddle’s turnkey car buying tools to bid and buy instantly are unlike any other auction or car buying service. Skip the auction and high fees by buying directly from the seller. Thousands of vehicles across the country are available for sale every day.

RueDee Mikovich, VP, Strategic Operations  |

Rebuilders Automotive Supply – RAS CAT App

RAS CAT App, our new app is designed to give the most accurate pricing on your Catalytic Converters. RAS CAT App is a new application that comes with accurate data and photos allowing buyers, and sellers to look up the value of their scrap catalytic converter either by grade or number.

Our app offers complete transparency, and we are continuously updating data daily in our state-of-the-art lab. The RAS app provides a quick and easy appraisal of your scrap catalytic converter. The app is connected to the live market, but you also have the option to set your hedges and percent of profit. Searching by part number or keyword, and you will get instant results with photos.  RAS has invested heavily in cutting-edge technology, including X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) testing, in conjunction with laboratory analysis, to precisely measure, to a high accuracy level. You can quickly check all of your identification numbers and compare catalytic converters by grade. Our new app offers a complete catalytic converter database for all professionals in the Scrap Catalytic Converter recycling industry.

Mark DeLauro  |  |

ScrapCATapp Marketing Solution

How do you efficiently find a fair and competitive Buyer for your Scrap Catalytic Converters, EVERY TIME you sell?

The hardest part of selling converters is finding a Buyer that will consistently treat you fairly and pay you a competitive price. Let ScrapCATapp be the cure for your headaches caused by continuously having to search and qualify Buyers for your converters. After easily inventorying and posting your converters on the Online Auction Marketplace, ScrapCATapp markets your material to our extensive network of National and International Scrap Catalytic Converter Buyers. When you post your converters for sale, we immediately notify all of our Buyers that you are requesting their bid. And we do this for EVERY LOT that you sell.

ScrapCATapp has simplified and made the converter selling process easy and straightforward.  When you have ScrapCATapp market your converters to our Buyers, you no longer need to struggle to compare Buyer’s price sheets and offers, you no longer need to anxiously decide which is the best way to sell (Assay or by Unit), and best of all, you no longer need to waste your valuable time and energy trying to become an expert precious metal trader. By using ScrapCATapp to market your converters, you let the Converter Buyers be the experts!

ScrapCATapp does the work and finds you Buyers. And best of all, we find Buyers that are willing, wanting, and eager to compete to buy your converters. EVERY TIME you sell!

Use’s Online Auction Marketplace and let us contact multiple Buyers

on your behalf to view, inspect, and present you with both Unit and Assay Bids BEFORE you choose who will Buy your Scrap Converters. 

Be confident knowing that you are selling to the “Right” Buyer EVERY TIME you sell your converters!

Christopher Gaines  |  |

Top 4 Ways Texn Rewards can IMPROVE Your Salvage Yard

#1: Build a customer list FASTER than most other marketing services and make a return on your investment by sending out texts which give customers a reason to come back. Stop the hassle of handling paper waivers and gain the benefit of building a marketing list at the same time. Build a list of thousands of customers, notify them of important info, and put your business in the palm of your customers hand.

#2: Give your customers REAL-TIME ACCESS to your inventory. Our inventory notification system, Just In, plugs into your inventory process and sends real-time text alerts based on customer preferred specifications. No more dealing with questions such as “When will you get XYZ vehicle in? Can you let me know when it arrives?” Instead, point them to sign up for Just In, and Texn Rewards will make sure they are notified the first day your vehicles are no longer in holding status. Just In integrates with Crush and URG data transfer for Pinnacle or Powerlink yards.

#3 Save TIME and get a dedicated account manager with experience developing marketing plans for salvage yards. Once we understand your business and what you are looking to accomplish with a marketing strategy, then we will customize a plan which accomplishes your objectives. 

#4: We have a comprehensive report which tracks TRENDS/SEASONAL FLUCTUATIONS for your yard. We can also determine which coupons are working and which ones we may want to change.

Paul Mitchell  |  |


United Recyclers Group’s mission is to lead the industry in providing superior products and services tailored to the operational needs of Automotive Recyclers. URG is focused on enhancing the ability of our members to improve business efficiencies, increase profit margins, improve parts data integrity and security, and achieve long term growth through technology and education. Teaming with URG means not only access to the tools you need to succeed – as a Member, you connect your business with the best of the best. URG Members and partners represent the gold-standard in the recycling industry and maintain the highest level of quality and integrity in their practices. Starting at just $150/month, it is the smartest investment you will make for your business this year.

Kristen Alexander  |  | 

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