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Nov 1, 2022 | Business

Industry companies share their latest innovations with Automotive Recycling magazine.

Auto recyclers depend on technology to do business more than ever. If you are not up to speed with your technological advancements, the vendors listed in this special section can help you with some of your needs. It is important, now more than ever, that auto recyclers get their processes and procedures for the future in place. As the marketplace is experiencing now, the speed at which business is being done is increasing. There is little room for error, and technology helps minimize the impacts of this in the automotive recycler workflow.


APFusion is a B2B marketplace that connects aftermarket replacement parts providers with automotive salvage yards. Products are loaded into the APFusion marketplace by aftermarket vendors, mapped to Hollander numbers and then through the APFusion connector the inventory is immediately available in your yard management system. Making inventory instantly available, increasing fill rates, and reducing out-of-stock calls.

• Immediate access to over $18,000,000+ worth of inventory loaded directly into yard management system

• Boost fill rates by 30%

• Drop ship products anywhere in the country for free

• Improve order processing speeds by over 90%

• 200,000 CAPA and non-CAPA products, including reman engines, transmissions, and transfer cases

APFusion has helped salvage yards generate millions of dollars in additional revenue by modernizing and optimizing how people find and sell auto parts.


Contact: Alex Smith   

Contact email:


Auto PARTnered Solutions

exactlinc is a product offered by Auto PARTnered Solutions.

exactlinc is the most comprehensive MPN Compatibility Linking tool available to optimize your eBay listings.

What does that mean?

• A plugin tool that populates your eBay listings with Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPNs), Vehicle Compatibility tables (VCs), Item Specifics and any other related product descriptors/numbering patterns.

• Ensure searchability of your parts online with accurate part numbers.

• Our system will look for and combine multiple part numbers and supersessions onto your listings.

How will this help my yard? exactlinc will help you:

• Sell more parts more often with correct MPNs, VCs and other numbers and descriptors attached to your listings

• Optimize your listings without lifting a finger. exactlinc does it all for you.

• Earn while you sleep and benefit from the worldwide increase in online sales.

SELL MORE PARTS, MORE OFTEN. Simple. Leave it to us. Our system will optimize your listings without you lifting a finger.

• Qualified Support. Our expert team will help and answer any of your questions regarding your eBay store.

• No Lock-in

Contracts. Cancel anytime. Purchase anytime.

• Volume. The more parts you sell, the more inventory you can move through and the more money you make.

• Easy. Easily integrates with your current eBay store.

• Fast. Speedy initial setup and ongoing maintenance

of your eBay listings.

“Sales on eBay increase if listings have accurate Manufacturer Part Numbers, optimized titles, accurate parts grading and compatibility included.

“We are excited to be working closely with Auto PARTnered Solutions to develop exactlinc.  It will aggregate and dress your listings with relevant data to help buyers find and buy your parts.”

— Laura Richards, Senior Category Manager, eBay UK Trading Team – Vehicle Parts and Accessories

Chris Daglis, Auto PARTnered Solutions

AutoPARTnered Solutions

Contact: Chris Daglis

Contact email:


HUB Industrial

HUB Industrial supplies auto dismantling blades and many other consumables and safety supplies. HUB specializes in the auto recycling industry, working with the end user to develop products and systems that improve efficiency and reduce costs. Many of the value-added services we provide help our customers manage their inventory and supply costs via technological innovations.

Our proprietary Inventory IQ™ technology suite gives auto recycler customers the ability to track the supplies they use, inventory control, and painless reordering when supplies run low. Unlike many other vendor-supplied inventory management systems, HUB’s system permits the tracking of all supplies without regard to where they are purchased.

Customers who are using the system are able to monitor their inventory and usage patterns and get a better idea of where misuse and waste are occurring. The system has the flexibility to conform to the needs of the user, whether they be a small operation or have multiple store rooms throughout their facility. They especially like the ability to get an IQ installation without having to invest a lot up front, since the system is available to HUB customers in exchange for a minimum purchase agreement.

Some of the web features associated with inventory IQ are available to any HUB customer, even those who haven’t opted into an IQ agreement. Any HUB customer with a web account has access to the following features:

• Order Approvals – HUB can assign a hierarchy of permissions to managers which allows other team members to order items they need pending the approval of the manager.

• Recurring orders – Users can create their own lists of staple items they need to simplify re-orders – they can even automate the list to place orders at set time intervals.

• Many others – see your HUB representative for more information.

HUB Industrial Supply

Contact: Leigh Britt

Contact Email:


HUB Industrial Supply is an Applied MSSSM company.

Checkmate 2022R7 and Integrated Car Part Pro (iPro)

Checkmate 2022R7 features are designed to help drive sales of your parts in online marketplaces including and Integrated Car Part Pro (iPro). B2B customers require us to improve the depth of our inventory information, so it’s as easy to buy recycled assemblies as it is to buy other part types (such as new OEM and aftermarket). It’s important that we inventory our parts with the correct part types and use the latest ARA part grading standards (ARA’s subjective part grading applies to very popular parts such as headlights). It’s also important to inventory complete assemblies according to ARA part definitions (incomplete assemblies should be inventoried as their individual components or marked as an incomplete assembly). Cleaning up your inventory information will help you sell better to increasingly demanding buyers, but it also can help you buy better.

In Checkmate 2022R7, our Inventory Pro tool provides views to help manage your inventory information and related operations. Inventory Pro offers pre-designed views, along with the ability to customize your own views.

When shops source parts for an insurance repair, they are required to follow insurance company rules regarding part types (e.g., allowing recycled or certified aftermarket hoods, but not non-certified aftermarket hoods). iPro builds these parts policies into its marketplace. iPro also gives shops the ability to replace components with recycled assemblies. This kind of intelligence is crucial for recycled parts to be competitive with other part types, but the features don’t work correctly with poor information (which reduces the credibility of our industry). Checkmate 2022R7 helps you clean up and improve your inventory so you can sell better in online marketplaces. Because of iPro’s intelligence and features, iPro marketplace parts buyers increase their recycled part utilization by more than 60% after using iPro.


Contact: Roger Schroder

Contact Email:


Salvage Wire

Salvage Wire is a consultancy and training provider with a focus on helping automotive recyclers become leaders in their industry. Salvage Wire brings over 40 years of experience in the industry and an awareness of new trends and technologies to improve companies’ policies and help them to prepare for the future.

The Salvage Wire team has developed training specifically written for vehicle recyclers and dismantlers on the safe handling of electric and hybrid vehicles. We are building a certified trainer network who will be able to deliver accredited training globally to vehicle recyclers and dismantlers, vehicle technicians and engineers and first responders – training that will improve awareness, increase professional standards and help the automotive industry prepare for an electrified future.

Salvage Insight is a comprehensive coaching plan for auto recycling professionals where our team help clients to explore areas of untapped potential, create a clear competitive advantage, manage smarter, and have a clear strategic vision and a new business plan.

Our Depollution blog and podcast are resources for automotive and recycling professionals worldwide.

Salvage Wire deliver critical management and leadership training and development across the world to vehicle recyclers, salvage professionals, associations, conferences and trade bodies.

Andy Latham
For full details and to book one of the Salvage Wire team refer to the website

Salvage Wire

Contact: Andy Latham

Contact Email:


VIN Match Pro

VIN Match Pro solves one of the most frustrating problems recyclers encounter when selling parts; customers that have no clue which part they need. For the first time ever, you can simply ask for a license plate number and in seconds get all of the details on the customer’s vehicle.

VIN Match Pro can decode the VIN for all makes and models from 1980 through 2023 and provide full OE build data for up to 90% of the vehicles on the road today. All of this with just a license plate. You can of course enter a VIN as well but we have found it’s a lot easier to get a license plate over the phone.

There are plenty of VIN decoding options available in the market but VIN Match Pro is the only tool that can match the features and options from two vehicles side by side. This allows you to compare which items are a match and which are not.

On top of the VIN decoding ability, VIN Match Pro also offers mileage history data at the lowest price available anywhere. Almost 10% of all auction vehicles show zero miles. VIN Match Pro gives you the ability to take the guess work out of bidding on these zero mile vehicles. Through the integration with Bid Buddy, you can get the full mileage history in seconds while you are bidding cars.

VIN Match Pro has partnered with URG to offer a hot key that works with all three YMS’s. URG members can now access all of our tools from within your YMS.

Through a partnership with PMR, VIN Match Pro is now offering Catalytic converter pricing by VIN.

VIN Match Pro

Contact: Jonathan (JC) Cahill

Contact Email:;; (253)-495-3423


United Recyclers Group

United Recyclers Group’s mission is to lead the industry in providing superior products and services tailored to the operational needs of automotive recyclers. URG is focused on enhancing the ability of our members to improve business efficiencies, increase profit margins, improve parts data integrity and security, and achieve long term growth through technology and education. Teaming with URG means not only access to the tools you need to succeed – as a member, you connect your business with the best of the best automotive recyclers. URG Members and partners represent the gold-standard in the recycling industry and maintain the highest level of quality and integrity in their practices. Starting at just $150/month, it is the smartest investment you will make for your business this year.

United Recyclers Group

Contact: Kristen Alexander & Amanda Morrison

Contact email:; Website: 

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