H.O.W. – The Role of Instant Messaging in Today’s Sales Process

May 1, 2022 | Business

By Theresa Colbert

Since COVID-19 started, the number one complaint I have been getting from facility customers is, “Why do people have the Car-Part Messaging Bubble (iCPM) and NOT answer it?”

I have been getting this feedback from yard owners, managers, and employees. When I say I get this complaint a lot, I am not exaggerating. Usually at least once a day! I have spent the last 10 years on the road for Car-Part and the “bubble” is one of those things – when you know, you know!

The people who use our instant messaging correctly are usually top sellers at a company. They will have 10 or 15 conversations going at one time. This is not like the “old days” of “chat rooms.” iCPM is more like being able to text message from your desktop, with the ability to have what you are looking for pre-filled in.

I think it may be time to revisit instant messaging and talk about why we need to make sure we are answering our messages. We live in an instant gratification, text message world. My kids would never call a person when they can text message or use live chat.

Recently, a Car-Part.com website shopper sent us a Facebook message, very ticked off because he was trying to find a door mirror. He messaged four recyclers with live chat (which goes to iCPM) and none responded. He sent us screenshots of all of them and in all of them, the seller was available but just never responded. The poor guy spent 40 minutes on this, from what we can tell by the clock in the screenshots. Some, he was asking if they’d ship it. Some, he asked what the price was. On one, he even said he wanted to buy it and just wanted to know how to pay. No one responded.

Would you ignore a ringing phone?

No, you would not let the phone ring when a customer is calling. But you won’t “pick up” your instant messaging when they find the part on Car-Part.com. They know the price. They are just “calling” to see if you still have it, if you ship, and how to pay for it!

Do you like selling to other recyclers?

Answer your bubble! Most salespeople are busy. They can’t always pick up the phone to call you. But, they can instant message with a customer, while helping the counter customer, and the customer on the phone.

Designate who answers iCPM

If you are not in sales, or not able to answer your messages, pick someone else at your business who can and will answer “the bubble,” so you are not losing sales from other recyclers. You can decide which salesperson talks to recyclers, shops, insurance adjusters, or the public. Your Car-Part web tech can help you set it all up.

Do you like selling to shops and insurance adjusters?

With live chat and Real Time Part Verification (RTP), shops and adjusters can check the part, see if you still have it, and order it from their tablet while standing in the lot looking at the car.

If you want to know more about Car-Part Messaging (iCPM) or need a refresher course in all that Car-Part Gold has to offer, get a hold of me or come to one of our online webinars. You can sign up at: products.car-part.com/webinars/. Or, as always, call or text me at 859-802-2382 or email TheresaC@Car-Part.com.  You can bet I will answer!

Theresa Colbert is a Sales and Training Specialist at Car-Part.com. Her goal is to find the correct product to fit each customer and make sure that they are trained to use it. Reach Theresa at 859-802-2382 or email TheresaC@Car-Part.com.

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