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Jul 1, 2021 | Business

Automotive Recycling magazine’s roundup of core companies at your service!

AB Cattech

Cirba Solutions

AB Cattech is the brand you can trust in the catalytic converter industry. AB Cattech offers on-the-spot pricing with complete transparency with core buyers nationwide and processing locations located in Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida and Arizona. Our reach throughout the United States is vast and our customer service is top notch.

Our history at AB Cattech can tell you that we’ve been known to form excellent relationships with our customers and have continued those relationships from a small town processor to what is now a nationwide business. We have applied the technological advancements in our industry towards our business and have introduced state-of-the-art milling processes at our headquarters location in Burlington, WI. Not only did we implement new milling processes, but we’ve also created a mobile app where users can obtain on-the-spot prices with an OEM database containing over 10,000+ OEMs to help identify catalytic converters.

Are you interested in working with a core buyer who cares for their customers’ needs and facilitates the demands of new technology in an ever-changing industry? Reach out to AB Cattech at or call our office at (262) 716-5773.

Belanger Converter Recycling

BCR History: We began our business in 2002, cutting catalytic converters off vehicles for auto salvage and towing yards. It quickly grew as businesses began calling us to come cut off their converters and pick them up. In 2005 we continued to grow with two trucks and trailers traveling and buying in ten states. With building our own de-canner and starting to decan the converters, the company grew rapidly over the following years. Today we have three trucks and four de-canners running. We also receive shipped items by mail from individuals and Gaylord boxes from companies.

BCR Customers: We believe in our customers. We want them to succeed as much as we have over the last two decades. BCR strives to give each customer the best price available.

BCR Education: Education is also very important to us. We help teach our customers what to look for and give them the tools they need to buy successfully. Our converter app gives the most current pricing of converters, whether buying or selling. The app is constantly being updated with the most current converters as they come available on the market.

BCR Future: Business continues to grow with the start of another 15,500-sq. ft. facility that will house a new state-of-the-art assay lab. One of the main focuses will be on improving grading speed for our customers.

Belanger Converter Recycling is a processor of catalytic converters that offers global refining services. Getting you the most from your converts with a process you can trust.  >

To learn more about selling converters by the piece or selling on assay, email us at or call us at 877-935-0330. Wayne Belanger serves as

President and owner of Belanger Converter Recycling and is a member of Automotive Recyclers Association.

Contact Belanger Converter Recycling at (270) 265-9057 or (877) 935-0330; Email; or check out

Bishop International

Since 1950, Bishop International has been helping automotive recyclers around the country maximize their profits through powertrain core purchasing. Easy pickup coordination, timely payment, and fast, detailed check-in procedures make Bishop International the most convenient core buyer in the industry to partner with.

Please contact us with any questions you may have at (800) 843-5068 ext. 1170 or visit Our pricing is also available through the United Recyclers Group Core Program as well as

Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions

Since 1983 Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions has been a big buyer of OEM alloy and steel wheel. The products we purchase are 2011 or newer overstock or excess OEM wheels, discontinued OEM wheels, factory take-off wheels, used OEM wheels and core OEM wheels. In addition, we purchase factory original hubcaps. Our purchasing team will buy multiple skids at a time. We will arrange freight for pick up once your core wheels are staged on 4 to 6 skids.

When the products are received at our facility, we will take inventory and provide a check-in manifest with a total sale amount. Payment for that load will be received within 1 to

2 weeks. Another way to sell, create an inventory list of any alloy and steel wheels you would like to sell and email the list to us. Then we can review and provide a price for each wheel we want to purchase. Excel spreadsheet is preferred. 

Blackburn is continually looking nationwide for new suppliers – become one today! For additional information, questions or to arrange for product pick up contact Bob Pasal at (800) 981-8321 ext. 127 or Or visit the “We Buy” tab on

Carolina Wheel Cover

Core Hubcap Program – We pay $5.50 each for used OEM Wheel Covers (2005 and newer). Dirty, scratched, peeling paint – it doesn’t matter. Everything we buy will be reconditioned and repainted. They just need to be 100% structurally sound. Fill a gaylord box or 2 (or 12) and ship to our facility in SC. Once received, we will inspect and communicate back to you the total number of pieces in the shipment and the total number of good OEM cores.

You can expect a check within two weeks of sending!

We work with dozens of auto recycling facilities around the U.S. Our clients see $1,000s per year in bottom line revenue from used wheel covers that used to end up in the crush pile. If you’re not making good money off used wheel covers, now is a great time to reach out and get involved in our Core Hubcap Program. We look forward to working with you and helping add some cash to your bottom line!

Please visit our website at where you can see more details about our Core Hubcap

Program and get in touch using our “Contact Us” link. Or you can reach out directly by calling Chris at (803) 548 -7188 or sending us an email at Carolina Wheel Cover began in 1996 and we are celebrating our 25th year in business. We are also a proud member of the ARA. Reach out and let’s get started today!

Cash for Keyless

Cash for Keyless is a U.S.-based company that specializes in purchasing keyless entry remotes. We were proud to join ARA this last spring, and we look forward to serving ARA member companies for years to come.

We buy any kind of car keyless remotes: New, Used, Domestic, Import, Aftermarket, Old Style Remotes, Smart Keys, Remotes with keys, Worn remotes — We buy them all! We also buy certain auto owners manuals. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Mail us your remote collection. We will send you prepaid shipping label and our packaging. (You can also send remotes in your own box & get reimbursed for shipping expense).

2. Select how you want to get paid: Company check or PayPal. Check will be mailed within 1 business day. PayPal transfer is instant.

3. Send us more remotes! We are always looking for long term suppliers, looking forward to doing business with you now and in future. Minimum purchase amount is 10 remotes, and there is no maximum amount. Send them all!

Call us at (727) 667-6157; Text to (727) 667-6157; Email; Visit

Custard Core Supply

Custard Core Supply in Dallas, TX is fast, fair and flexible! We buy gas and diesel engine and transmission cores from sellers – both big and small. Whether you are selling a pickup load or a truckload, Custard Core will treat you right. We support the top remanufacturers and OE programs by dealing with top automotive salvage and recycling yards all over the U.S.

The best way to connect with us is through the U-R-G. Our prices are updated weekly as well as our buy list. We process loads fast and pay faster without unreasonable deductions. Contact us today to bid your load or request a visit.

Contact Matt Beddoe, Custard Core Supply, Dallas, TX, by calling (214) 631-4344 or email

Davis Recycling

Davis Recycling Inc. (DRI), is a full-service catalytic converter recycling center. It takes a recycling company with specialized equipment to extract and separate the platinum from the catalytic converter’s internal honeycomb. Catalytic converters may contain platinum or rhodium – valuable precious metals – so the trading on them is more volatile than other scrap metals you will find in your yard.

Paying top dollar is a win-win for both DRI and our partners. Paying top dollar increases volume and therefore, we can offer the best price for your used catalytic converters. If you are an auto parts recycling yard, DRI is your answer for dependability, consistency, professionalism and profit pricing.

Give us a call or simply bring your ‘cat load’ to one of our warehouses. We weigh on the scale – sort – and pay quickly and efficiently. Partner today with Davis Recycling. Give us a call if you have questions or thoughts. Call (423) 926-3699 or visit

EQ Cores & Recycling

URG’s core program has changed the way cores are bought and sold permanently. Before the program was available, core suppliers and auto dismantlers often spoke two different languages. Now core suppliers are able to communicate using IC#, which tells the auto dismantlers exactly what we are looking to buy and what we can pay. This allows the dismantler to decide if getting a core return is necessary and if it is worth the time and effort to get it back. If the value is high enough, even if they have to pay freight to get it back, they have the information to make a decision.

We have always had a network of dismantlers that we bought from. The biggest advantage is our current suppliers can now better identify what we want. This increases the quality of the load we are receiving. The URG program puts our pricing in front of hundreds of additional dismantlers. This has allowed us to bring on more suppliers. Just like in the dismantling business, if we can’t buy it we can’t sell it.

Contact Scott J. Stolberg,, call (800) 426-8771 ext. 202 or visit

PGM of Texas, LLC

PGM of Texas is one of the largest and oldest catalytic converter processors in North America. As the industry leader with decades of experience in recycling and processing catalytic converters, we specialize in the recovery of precious metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium. We have the capacity to process over one million catalytic converter and process more than two million pounds of automotive catalyst monthly. 

PGM offers three transparent service options for your catalytic converters needs:

1. Buying by the piece – we offer same-day service and same-day payment by evaluating each catalytic converter for the best daily market price.

2. XRF Analysis Service – this service is ideal for customers with small lot(s) needing fast payout on reliable analytical results. Advance payment can be made at the time of delivery. XRF results and final payment are completed within five days of delivery.

3. Assay-based refining – this toll refining service is ideal for customers with large quantities needing an ICP assay-based analysis. Advance payment can be made at the time of delivery. ICP assay-based analysis is generally within 15 days. Early settlement and final payment can be made at the time of ICP assay results.

4. Advance hedging is available for all three service options.  

Since the announcement of the PGM of Texas and Elemental Holding, S.A. strategic partnership, PGM has continued its robust growth in the U.S. market. Amid our continual growth, PGM is very excited that soon, we’ll be offering the following transparent processing services:

•  Metallic-foil catalytic converter processing   

•  Oxygen sensor processing

For all your catalytic converter recycling needs and to help with any questions, please contact Steve Contreras, PGM of Texas, LLC, 2809 S. Interstate 35, San Marcos, TX 78666,

(512) 410-9039 (cell), (512) 829-4194 (business),,

Phoenix Automotive Cores

For over 25 years Phoenix Automotive Cores has been a partner to the progressive automotive recycler despite the numerous ups and downs in the industry. And the core market has been no exception. Even when faced with one of the most challenging years to date, we have managed to continue being a strong partner for recyclers nationally. 

What sets Phoenix Automotive Cores apart is that we have devoted time and energy into listening and learning what recyclers need to make their business more efficient. PAC strives to meet those needs by developing proprietary applications focused on providing free online solutions for the recycling industry, expanding product lines, partnering with Car-Part, and U-R-G programs, and providing top notch service. PAC is proud to be a customer-driven catalytic converter processor and core supplier.

We aim to be transparent, honest, and reliable by providing competitive pricing for catalytic converters and automotive cores on a variety of platforms that cater to every recycler’s operation. Whether it is refining, selling your converters outright, selling old core stock, core returns, or dismantling, PAC has a way to serve you. Selling your catalytic converters or automotive cores should not be a headache. It should be easy, and that is why we encourage you to let PAC work for you. Once you have your converters and/or cores invoiced, and packaged, we take it from there. We arrange for your material to be shipped, processed, and paid in a timely manner.

Please reach out to our online department today for more information about partnering with PAC to increase your sales. 

Contact the PAC Online Core Department: Rachael O’Rourke,, (877) 749-2673 ext. 3422,

PMR Catalytic Converter Recycling

At PMR we aren’t just interested in receiving your converters, we are interested in helping you succeed at every stage of the converter recycling process. This is why PMR provides all suppliers with access to an online Supplier Services Platform (SSP) that delivers extensive support in purchasing, evaluating and monitoring catalyst material. These complimentary support tools offered by PMR can be divided into three categories:

· REFERENCING – Understand what material is in your possession and how the PGM market fluctuates. Identify per unit national averages, access refined value ranges by serial numbers and inventory your converters by unit and value.

· PURCHASING & MANAGEMENT – Have the confidence to buy competitively and profitably with photo-grading and remote video grading while managing your inventory.

· TRACKING – Track your material as it moves between processing phases and access your year-to-year converter statistics.

For more information about the specific tools available, please visit Dominating in converter recycling means understanding how converter tools, tailored processing and market timing all work together to enable strategic and successful results. Partner with a processor that is committed to growing with you and for you.

Melissa Sullivan, Business Development Manager, 1-(855)-901-5050 ext. 202,


Have you heard of bar rescue? Instead of rescuing struggling bars, this information attempts to give hope for those struggling to harvest more revenue from their non-part revenue and new ideas for those who have a steady core revenue stream but would like to improve this part of their business. RAS generates revenue for recyclers in three areas: Cores, Recalls, and Converters.

People, Process, Persistence: Successful Core programs require people, process, and persistence. Owners need to champion this effort and provide adequate space, software training, and a tracking system to make more CORE $$. Our RAS Team is here to help you with training on demand.

Software Platforms: RAS provides a robust mobile and web software platform for cores. That platform starts once the VIN is entered and provides a process to remove, save, and invoice. RAS also has data relationships with Buddy Software, Hollander, and URG so that cores can be managed profitably from their software.

Custom Search: One of our more effective tools is RASBid, where your inventory is accessible by you to search by location, minimum core values, days on hand, part grade, or location. Keep in mind that you have three pools of inventory: incoming vehicles, loose stock on the shelf, and existing vehicles on the backlot.

Bottom Line: RAS can help you turn excess or aged inventory into CASH so you have the capital to buy more Vehicles.

Paul D’Adamo is Recall Yard Manager at RAS, a major core supplier to global remanufacturers. He can be reached at Visit our virtual website

United Catalyst

At United Catalyst we say that you need a process, a program, and a partner you can trust, and you need the power of education.

A Process. With UCC, you will sell on assay instead of selling by-the-piece. You will be paid on a sample and assay that is scientific, accurate, and verifiable. 

A Program. You will get money when you need it to run your business. You do not have to wait until you have a truckload or can hold out for three months to get paid. You only need 100 converters and can take payment as early as the first week of arrival.

A Partner. Selling on assay eliminates grading problems because there is a verified test result that is the basis for the sale. With UCC, you get a partner that you can trust. One that gives you verified weights, results, and metal prices.

The Power of Education. We take a complex process and make it understandable and easy to use. We know that once you learn about your converters and your yard profile, you will increase your profits, and no one will ever be able to take advantage of you again.

United Catalyst Corporation is a processor of scrap catalytic converters that offers global refining services. To sell your converters on assay, to subscribe to our daily e-newsletter, or get Platinum Group Metal prices texted daily to your phone, TEXT Daily to (864) 834-2003. You can also email us at

Visit our website at

We Buy Key Fobs

We Buy Key Fobs is a proud supporter of ARA. So much so that in 2017, we teamed up to create a donation program that rewards ARA members for doing what they do best: recycling automotive parts. Specifically, car key fobs. Key fobs are a bit of a gray zone for automotive recyclers for a couple of reasons: 1) on their own, key fobs aren’t worth much and 2) selling key fobs takes time. The thing about key fobs is, yes, on their own they aren’t worth much. But when you collect piles of key fobs, that’s when you see your earnings pile up as well. As for the time piece, We Buy Key Fobs isn’t the industry leader in key fob recycling for nothing. We’ve streamlined our selling process to near perfection. Selling is as easy as 1, 2, 3. One: request a prepaid shipping label. Two: mail us your key fobs. Three: get paid! We even pay you fast. We Buy Key Fobs customers can receive payment in as little as 2 business days. And remember that donation program we mentioned? For every key fob sold to us by an ARA member, We Buy Key Fobs makes a donation to ARA. Request a quote on our website today to find out how much your key fobs are worth. Reach us at or call (402) 260-5889. Find us online at

For a comprehensive buyer’s guide of industry vendors, you can visit ARA’s online guide at

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