Utilizing Technology in Responding to Industry Needs

Feb 1, 2024 | Toolbox

Developing and embracing new technologies, such as YardSmart, can enhance all facts of an auto recycler’s business.

By Troy Webber

As we have all experienced the fast-changing automotive industry in the last 20 years, we are familiar with the necessary use of new technology methods which help automate and streamline our recycling businesses. The way we respond in utilizing technology in its many forms, helps us to continue operating without interruption. I discovered technology for my business took me to the next level. Over the coming months, I will share how tech can benefit you. But first, my story.

I Did It My Way

As the third-generation owner of Chesterfield Auto Parts, my recent foray into tech and utilizing it to basically continue business in a successful and relevant manner, was to create and design the YardSmart App. But you may not be aware of the rewards available to you as yard owners, by embracing technology, and reaching out to your competitors and fellow yard owners to collaborate and grow as automotive recycling owners. Let’s investigate the idea of sharing technology insights, tips, and other related information to shed light on current technology and emerging trends, insights of other owners and so on.

It is fine to think we can keep going in the way we always have, but that was not an option for my team, so YardSmart was designed out of a critical need for a cloud-based software to manage self-service auto recycling yards. Because auto parts recycling is a complex business, YardSmart is a full suite of products that fills the need for efficiently serving customers, processing inventory, managing bulk sales, and closing sales.

Point in case, it is the only one of its kind in the world.

In fact, I’m proud to stay that in 2022, RVATech group in Richmond, VA awarded YardSmart for “Innovation in Cloud Computing.” Now, in our second year of operating as a SaaS product, or “software as a service,” we extend our knowledge to anyone interested and are always happy to answer your questions.

The lack of software to automate and manage self-service yards, resulted in creating and developing the YardSmart App, offered as a SaaS product. Since the software automatically updates itself as changes occur in the automotive industry, the user does not have to engage in updates. The updates are integrated seamlessly within the system.

Being able to survive means being willing to adapt.

As any related software was becoming obsolete, in 2020, as a hands-on yard owner, along with my team, we were able to identify the need, strategize for solutions and pivot to make the changes a reality, and move forward. Being able to survive means being willing to adapt. The only constant in the auto industry is change. Auto manufacturers make it a point to change and improve with every year and this business model must be able to do the same.

The software was beta tested with my competitors, as well as requesting their input, so we could provide the most accessible app possible. One of the beta testers was MPG Companies, a multi-state company that specializes in recycling, waste processing and transport of recycled autos. As Terresa Bourbon of MPG explains, “The user interface is easy. Yard Smart is very intuitive. Sales reporting is clear and concise, all information you need is at your fingertips. We love YardSmart!”

YardSmart is already helping change lives by allowing people to make a simple store purchase with information required by law in connection with stolen vehicles. When the necessary ownership papers are not with a vehicle upon sale, we can print the paperwork on demand.

The many facets of YardSmart have revolutionized the auto recycling industry in terms of automation, organization and increased foot traffic and sales for its users. For more information, please visit https://www.yardsmartapp.com.

Watch for more technology articles from me in future issues.

Founder and CEO of YardSmart, Troy Webber, created a new paradigm for the auto recycling industry, due to an ability to predict what was needed, in order for his business to survive. YardSmart is the only cloud based software of its kind, worldwide. As a result of his background and experience, he successfully designed custom yard management software for the industry, beta tested it with his competitors for two years and now operates a SaaS company offering YardSmart. He is proud to be the third generation to own the auto recycling business and hopes one day to pass it on to the fourth generation to help serve the industry that his grandfather created in Richmond, VA 75 years ago.

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