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Mar 14, 2024 | Toolbox

The 2024 URG/TEAM PRP Conference is one of “must attend” events of the year.

By Mike Kunkel

The month of April is one of the best months of the year for me. The annual URG Conference takes place every April and it is an industry event like no other. This year has expanded even more with the cobranding of TEAM PRP.  It has turned the 2024 URG/TEAM PRP Conference into a historic event.  Attendance is expected to be over 1000 people.

Who are those 1000 people? Considering that St. Louis is the place to be at the beginning of April, all of the movers and shakers, also known as trend setters and industry leaders will be there. This would include all of the consolidators as well as the leading independent recyclers from around the world. It will be the largest collection of the absolute brightest people in our industry in a single place at a single time with a common goal of educating and learning how to grow sales, be more efficient and streamlined and ultimately make more money. After all, that is why we are in business – to make a profit and this event will have a load of information on just how to do that.

The Friday portion of the weekend is geared towards owners and managers. The breakout sessions dig into how to better your operation. The topics to choose from that day are extremely robust. Those choices include sessions about cyber security. I am really good at selling used auto parts and don’t really know what I should know about computer breaches. Am I really safe?

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. Rob Rainwater is leading a panel discussion on what that could look like in our industry. Remote positions are now very common in our world. There is a session to help learn all that is needed as it is more than just adding an additional team member. There is also a succession planning expert presenting how to best position for an exit strategy regardless of if it is a family plan or an outside buyer.

Another panel discussion about best hiring and recruiting practices will be held. The world we live in can be complex and present problems that we have never dealt with before. Emergency proofing your business seems like some solid practical information should be presented there.

There are very few times in your life that you are presented with a chance to be a part of history. The URG/TEAM PRP Conference will be that chance. I mentioned Rob Rainwater as a speaker with multiple sessions taking place. He will be joined by an all-star lineup that includes Dan Snyder, Shannon Nordstrom, Larry Williams and I will be presenting twice on the Friday portion of the conference. “What is gross profit and how much do I need to produce” and “Sales managing 101” are my two topics. My good friend DJ Harrington will also be on site. Any time spent with the good doctor is time well spent!

The Saturday portion of the meeting has the traditional management-type offerings but leans into a strong sales and production message. The rapid expansion of the TEAM PRP network has been a good thing but not without trials and tribulations. We are all in the business of selling used auto parts but the way that we do business varies between facilities.

One of the original goals of TEAM PRP was to standardize a better way of doing things and that truly has had an impact on bettering the overall quality and performance of the industry. The number of locations that have been added has reduced that to some extent. There are a lot of sessions that are being done with the sole purpose of standardizing the thought process that if each of us do it a little bit better than we used to do it, the entire industry will perform to a higher level.

What does that mean? How can we work together to say “yes” to the customer more frequently while showing up with the right part, accurately described, properly invoiced at the agreed upon price while being delivered when promised – a purchase without a surprise attached to end. This will allow us to minimize returns while maximizing the usage of the system.

The opportunity to grow our sales, efficiencies and, most importantly, our profits will all present themselves to you in the form of what will seem like an endless line of breakout sessions.

The opportunity to grow our sales, efficiencies and, most importantly, our profits will all present themselves to you in the form of what will seem like an endless line of breakout sessions. Helping show the importance of consistency and togetherness will help lead our industry into the future.

History is in the making. Have you made your plans to be there? If not, you will miss out on something that is going to have an impact on your business and daily life. The early adopters and people working hardest on their business will benefit from things by hearing them first. Implementing them first and ultimately positioning themselves for success.

Are you doing your part because only you can make business great! Come to St. Louis and pickup your presents (pieces of knowledge that will profit your life and/or business). They will be laying around everywhere just waiting for people to pick them up.

Profit Team Consulting will have a booth in the tradeshow this year. Stop by and say hello.

Mike Kunkel is an automotive industry lifer having grown up in his family’s new auto supply, paint body & equipment and machine shop. Following his college graduation, he entered the salvage industry as an installer for Auto Info. His love of the industry led to a successful career in building a large recycling facility in Fort Worth, Texas while being instrumental in the formulation and growth of the TEAM PRP program. Mike is a frequent speaker at industry events in various countries. Mike uses a basic and proven platform to analyze businesses. He provides an honest assessment of where a facility is and what steps need to be taken to grow both sales and profits. Mike is a proven leader who is highly regarded in the automotive industry.

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