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Jan 1, 2022 | Industry

ARA Joins American Alliance for Vehicle Owners’ Rights (AAVOR) Steering Committee

Over the past year, the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) has been an active member of the American Alliance for Vehicle Owners’ Rights (AAVOR). As a result of ARA’s continued work within the group, ARA was invited to join AAVOR’s Steering Committee. This gives ARA a strong voice and ARA looks forward to the opportunity to promote the benefits of professional automotive recycling on behalf of its members.

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AAVOR is a diverse group of stakeholders united by the common goal of guaranteeing the right of all vehicle owners to have access to, and control of, the data generated by their vehicles. As a group representing interests across the mobility ecosystem including automotive recyclers, consumer advocates, fleet owners and operators, shared mobility service providers, automotive repairers, insurers, and telematics providers, AAVOR’s members see a need for federal legislation that ensures that vehicle owners have a right to vehicle generated data – including repair and maintenance data. ARA along with AAVOR has been meeting regularly with members of Congress to emphasize the need to ensure that vehicle owners have access to vehicle-generated data. Federal legislation ensuring that vehicle owners have access and control of vehicle-generated data will protect vehicle owners’ ability to repair their vehicles using ROE – Recycled Original Equipment®.

ARA’s Interchange Committee Update – Do You Have a Suggested Change to the Interchange?

ARA’s Interchange Committee has been working hard over the past several weeks to bring together recyclers and industry software providers with the goal of enhancing the capacity of all ARA members to sell more Recycled Original Equipment (ROE) parts. The Committee is working on identifying parts that currently have no interchange or adequate description to allow integration into quotes and/or listings. The Committee is also asking for input from the membership and if you have ever asked, “What do I do if I have a suggestion for a change to the Hollander Interchange?”

Please see the answer below from Hollander:

Hollander values the input from users of the Interchange data to improve the accuracy of the data and expand the interchange information. If you would like to suggest a change or correction to the Hollander Interchange, you can either submit an Interchange Action Request (IAR) through your Powerlink system or through email.

If you are a Powerlink user, select the ‘Send SARs and IARs’ menu item in the ‘Tools’ menu of Powerlink. Select ‘Interchange’ for the Type of issue and complete the information requested on each of the three tabs. Once your information is entered, press the Submit button.

If you are not a Powerlink user, IARs can be submitted via email to Interchange@HollanderParts.com. When using email to submit an IAR, please include the following information:

1.   Year

2.   Make

3.   Model

4.   Part Type

5.   VIN (if available)

6.   A description of the change being requested.IARs submitted through either channel are reviewed by the interchange department and a resolution is returned to the person who submitted the IAR


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News from the ARA Certification Committee — Order Your High-Voltage Vehicle Labels Today

As part of the addition of the Electric Vehicle Standard to the new CAR Standards Electronic Record, the CAR Committee has developed two important signs for flagging high-voltage vehicles. The applicable label should be placed on two visible places on your electric and hybrid vehicles.

Battery is intact label is to alert anyone near the vehicle that the high-voltage battery is still intact, so the danger of electrocution exists.

Battery is removed label is to signify that the high-voltage battery has been removed and thus the danger of electrocution is gone. This will be placed over the first label once the operations are safely completed.

Commercial Forms has graciously assisted the ARA with this project, and the labels (stickers) are available for order at Commercial Forms. They are available now for ordering.

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