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Jul 1, 2022 | Industry

ARA Wraps Up Busy State Legislative Season

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Automotive recyclers across the United States are seeing a slowdown in state legislative activity, as the majority of legislatures have now adjourned for the year. It was a busy first half of 2022 for ARA, its affiliated chapters and members tracking nearly 200 proposed bills since January 1st. Roughly two-thirds of those bills related in some way to addressing the problem of catalytic converter theft, which has been covered in previous editions of this magazine. The remaining third saw a wide spectrum of issues potentially impacting the recycled parts market and ARA member businesses. Right-to-Repair bills, ranging from agricultural equipment to digital electronics as well as motor vehicles, were introduced in several states. All efforts stalled waiting for a decision in the federal R2R lawsuit, which has been repeatedly delayed in Massachusetts court. 

Other trends in legislation this year included multiple state efforts to increase titling efficiency and electronic titling, combating illegal dismantling, airbag fraud, and a growing focus on state efforts to study electric vehicles and batteries. ARA is still monitoring legislation in Massachusetts and New Jersey that would establish state-sponsored task forces to study the issue. OEM repair procedure legislation, a threat that automotive recyclers and other alternative part suppliers have successfully fought off for the past few years, did come up again in New York, Illinois and Massachusetts. However, no measure received much traction and the efforts have now stalled.

ARA thanks all those that participated in the weekly state legislative update calls and shared information from their states.  The calls will resume in January 2023.

Automotive Recyclers Association Leaders Meet with ISRI, IPMI on Catalytic Converter Theft

Leadership of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) met with the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI) and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) in Washington, DC on May 5, 2022. The associations discussed how the epidemic of catalytic converter thefts across the United States is having a negative impact on the public and their respective membership.

At the meeting, ARA President Marty Hollingshead (Northlake Auto Recyclers, Hammond, IN), emphasized that “professional automotive recyclers do not generally purchase detached catalytic converters but purchase entire vehicles with catalytic converters still attached. Additionally, automotive recyclers are required by federal law to report every vehicle they acquire into the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.”

For several years, automotive recyclers have fallen prey to catalytic converter thieves who break into their facilities and steal catalytic converters from vehicles. Catalytic converter theft has put negative pressure on the industry’s business model because automotive recyclers are purchasing vehicles with the expectation that a catalytic converter will be present on a vehicle only to discover that it in fact has been stolen and removed. Over the past two years, ARA has been committed to working alongside law enforcement to help combat motor vehicle theft and catalytic converter theft.

Additionally, the associations discussed the lifecycle of a catalytic converter and began identifying points in the chain of commerce where stolen catalytic converters are most likely to be laundered into legitimate business streams. The parties presently agree that it would be beneficial to continue conversations regarding catalytic converter theft with the hope that each group can reach a better understanding and agreement with one other.

Professional Automotive Recycler Shannon Nordstrom Nominated to Join Executive Committee of Automotive Recyclers Association

The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) recently announced that professional automotive recycler Shannon Nordstrom of Nordstrom’s Automotive, Inc. in Garretson, South Dakota has been nominated to join the Association Executive Committee as Secretary for 2022-2023. Shannon is the Vice President and General Manager of Nordstrom’s Automotive Inc. He and his wife Tamie are the owners of the operation that has grown to an 80-member team that make it all happen. Nordstrom’s has different divisions including Full-Service Automotive Recycling, Ewe Pullet Self-Service Used Auto Parts, Nordstrom’s Repairables, and Nordstrom’s Installation and Diagnostic Center.

“I am honored to join the ranks of those that have committed the time and energy to serve the ARA as an executive officer and eventually its President,” said Nordstrom. “After prayer and consulting with my family and our company’s management team, the choice was made to step up and make it the right time. This is something I have always wanted to do so I can give back to an industry that has given me so much personally and professionally. My goal is to continue to promote the environmental and economic benefits that a Professional Gold Seal Certified Auto Recycler brings to the table. I also want to make sure that we help other recyclers, owners and managers grow to achieve their goals just like we did and make sure it is the member’s association that everyone regardless of facility size or experience can feel part of!”

Nordstrom’s unexpected business was born on their family’s rural dairy farm by Art and Marie Nordstrom, Shannon’s parents. Their first wrecked farm truck repair was the seed for what developed into the business “Nordstrom’s Used and Rebuilt Trucks.” The business was started from the necessity to survive and guided by their family’s hard work and newfound faith. Art and Marie and their three children Yvette, Suzette and Shannon worked cows, cars, and crops to get it all going. Shannon joined his parents full time in 1988 with five employees. Working together, they have been able to learn and reach new goals every year. The business is located on that same land today and has grown to be a nationally recognized Certified Automotive Recycler.

Nordstrom’s Automotive, Inc. has been ARA members since 1983 and Shannon serves as Chair of the ARA Certification Committee since 2002. Nordstrom’s was the ARA CAR Star award winner in 2018 and Shannon has twice been recognized as ARA Member of the Year in 2015 and 2021. Nordstrom’s is also a proud member of URG and Team PRP. Shannon also is one of the founders of the Nationally Syndicated “Under the Hood Show with the Motor Medics” show on Radio, Podcast and just recently adding video on YouTube. 

Nordstrom will be formally confirmed by the ARA Board of Directors and Membership during the ARA’s 79th Annual Convention and Exposition taking place September 22-24 in Orlando, Florida. “It’s an honor to have Shannon take my position on the ARA Executive Committee,” said Scott Robertson, Immediate Past President and chairman of ARA’s Nominating Committee. “The automotive recycling industry is finally gaining acceptance with vehicle manufacturers and Shannon is one of the best amongst our industry leaders as a voice to represent us. We are fortunate to have him on our team.” 

“Shannon’s commitment to the professional auto recycling industry will be an asset to our leadership team and I along with the entire staff look forward to working with him in his new role on the Executive Committee,” said ARA Executive Director, Sandy Blalock. 

Shannon and Tamie live in Garretson, SD and have three children, a son Riley, 23, and two daughters Madisen, 20 and Ava, 14. 

New Videos Added to ARA University, Check It Out!

ARA University recently debuted three new videos accessible through the Industry Resources tab of the ARAU website (  Thanks in part to generous support from the Automotive Recyclers of Massachusetts, production has just completed on three courses that will be valuable resources for any automotive recycler – particularly those participating in the Certified Automotive Recycler (CAR) program.

General Business Standards – This is the first step in CAR certification.  ARA members may be surprised to find that they are already doing many, if not all, of the general business standards required in the certification process.  Learn more in this module.

Tank Labeling Standards – Another step in the CAR certification process.  This module provides an overview of the best process for tank labeling standards.

High Voltage Vehicle Best Practices – Valuable information for all automotive recyclers, this module details the ARA certification expectations and best practices for handling all types of high voltage vehicles. The module is separated into three sections: readiness, technical training, and HVV dismantling protocol, and provides a standard operating procedure for the safe management of any electric or hybrid vehicle.


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