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Jul 1, 2023 | Industry

Latest National Right to Repair Developments

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In July, the Alliance for Automotive Innovation signed a cooperative agreement on right to repair with the Automotive Service Association (ASA) and Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS). The agreement states that the OEMs will continue to provide independent repair facilities with access to the same diagnostic and repair information that auto manufacturers make available to authorized dealer networks and that this includes telematics data and information for all powertrain types. The agreement also states that the parties will commit to working together to support federal legislation to codify provisions of the commitment. 

Organizations representing the country’s independent automotive repairers, collision repair experts and leading automakers have inked a landmark agreement on automotive right-to-repair.

The commitment among the Automotive Service Association, the Society of Collision Repair Specialists and Alliance for Automotive Innovation affirms a 2014 national agreement on automotive right-to-repair and states unequivocally that “independent repair facilities shall have access to the same diagnostic and repair information that auto manufacturers make available to authorized dealer networks.”

In a letter to Congress outlining this major automotive right-to-repair development, the coalition of repairers and automakers wrote: “This commitment was created with our mutual and valued customers in mind: vehicle owners. It affirms that consumers deserve access to safe and proper repairs throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle [and] it is built to last because it anticipates changes in automotive technologies and market evolutions.”

Highlights of the new automotive right-to-repair agreement include:

Access to diagnostic and repair information: Independent repair facilities shall continue to have access to the same diagnostic and repair information that auto manufacturers make available to authorized dealer networks. This applies to:

• Telematics data needed to diagnose and repair a vehicle if not otherwise available;

• All vehicle technologies and powertrains, including gasoline, diesel, fuel cell, electric battery, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid electric powertrains.

Education and training: A pledge to work together on education and training programs so mechanical and collision repair facilities are fully aware of exactly where and how to obtain repair information, including:

• Directly through an automaker’s repair website;

• Shared access points like;

• Via third-party information providers, software and tools.

Future advancements: As vehicle technologies and the corresponding demands on repairers evolve, the commitment ensures a level playing field and a forum to discuss future repairer needs as they develop.

As state legislatures and Congress consider automotive right-to-repair laws, including the REPAIR Act, the parties noted: “…independent repairers and automakers are not at odds on automotive data access, but rather in lockstep on this fundamental principle: consumers should have choice when it comes to repair options and the ability to have their vehicle serviced in well-equipped shops by well-trained technicians anytime, anywhere, anyplace.”

Automotive right-to-repair already exists:

• 70 percent of post-warranty automotive work today is handled by the independent repair community;

• was created by automakers for repair technicians to find repair and diagnostic information on most vehicles;

• The Federal Trade Commission – the government’s top consumer protection and competition agency – has cited the automotive industry as an example of the repair aftermarket “working well.”

Organizational Leadership Speaks Out

Scott Benevidez, Automotive Service Association Board Chairman and owner of Mr. B’s Paint & Body Shop Inc. in Albuquerque, New Mexico:

     “ASA has been a steadfast advocate for the right of independent repair shops to vehicle service information since before the 2002 service information agreement it signed with automakers. Since then, the cars Americans rely on have become increasingly sophisticated, and the rate of innovation will only accelerate. The way vehicle issues are diagnosed and repaired evolves in tandem with advancement. ASA is proud to have reached this new agreement with automakers because it ensures ASA members can diagnose and repair their customers’ vehicles without hinderance from telematics nor any other innovation. Most importantly, it maintains a competitive repair market that yields the highest quality safety outcomes at a fair price for drivers.”

Amber Alley, Society of Collision Repair Specialists Chairman and Manager of Barsotti’s Body and Fender in San Rafael, California:

     “Consumers should absolutely be able to choose quality repairs, performed in accordance with the specific procedures detailed by the vehicle engineers. They should have the right to be able to do so in an independent repair facility that has invested in the training, equipment and skillset development to meet the rigorous demands of sophisticated, modern vehicles. This expectation is achievable, and consumer options for repairs are not limited by automakers; quite the contrary. Consumers should have the right to a proper and safe repair, and this agreement reinforces the commitment that the entire industry will have the ability to train, equip their facilities, and perform repairs as intended by the vehicle engineers.”

John Bozzella, president and CEO, Alliance for Automotive


     “Automakers support right to repair, and today’s independent auto repair market is working well with lots of competition. Auto repairers across the U.S. have access to the same repair and diagnostic information provided to auto dealers. It’s not just automakers who say this. It’s the Federal Trade Commission. And with today’s agreement, it’s also the thousands of independent auto repairers and small businesses in all 50 states who together with automakers have once again made this fundamental commitment to customers.”

ARA Small Group Networking Events

ARA recognizes the importance of the networking environment and recently held two fun events specifically for networking. On Saturday, June 24th several members set off for a day of sailing on a luxury yacht in Annapolis, Maryland.

The event’s unofficial start was on Friday June 23rd when Condon’s Auto Parts in

Westminster, MD held an open house – special thanks to Greg and his team! On Saturday morning, ARA members boarded a 45’ Catamaran and although the weather leading up to the event had been a bit iffy, with the exception of a few rain drops, the skies cleared and it was a beautiful day. Everyone had a great time meeting new friends, sharing stories, strategies, successes, and failures as they spent most of the day sailing on the Chesapeake.

On September 10th, ARA members head offshore near Galveston, Texas for deep sea fishing. Contact for details on future outings.

News from the Interchange Committee

The Interchange Committee continues to identify ways of enhancing the capacity of all ARA members to sell more Recycled Original Equipment (ROE) parts that currently have no interchange or adequate description to allow integration into quotes and/or listings.

In consultation with industry yard management systems, last year the Committee identified the 12 parts below as needing part numbers. Many members currently utilize user defined part types (dot numbers) to inventory these parts.  Improving consistency within the industry is something the Committee focuses on each month and as such, ARA is recommending member businesses utilize the part numbers below for the 12 parts. Please note that this is voluntary and up to individual businesses to decide whether or not to.

804   Bumper Pad

806   Hood Insulation Pad  

807   Bumper Face Bar, Front

808   Bumper Face Bar, Rear

809   Headlight Bulb 

810   Wheel Lug Nut

811   Back Door Moulding

812   Brush Guard

813   Hood Scoop

814   Grille Moulding

815   Cabin Air Filter

848   Wheel Opening Moulding

The Committee has recently updated the “Inventory Specialist and Parts Grading” course on ARA University, again in an effort to improve consistency in how parts are listed and described across the industry. The updated course was filmed on-site at Yancey’s this summer and is expected to be available in the early fall. 

Do You Have Peer Interchange Ideas?

The Interchange Committee is currently collecting and verifying recycler-to-recycler part interchangeability information that doesn’t necessarily meet the criteria for traditional interchange information. For example, part modification or fitment information based on recyclers’ experiences. The goal is to help recyclers make more sales outside of what is provided by interchange.

Once information has been reviewed and verified, Checkmate and Hollander have agreed to incorporate this user feedback into their systems. Car-Part has also agreed to put this user feedback information on their website. To submit your interchange information, please send the following information to:

1. Interchange Numbers

2. User Notes (Please provide a description of what changes need to be made for this part to become interchangeable)

3. Your Contact Info

4. Photos (not required but greatly appreciated)

5. OEM Part Number (not required but greatly appreciated)

Enroll in ARA’s Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program Today!

We are more than half-way through 2023 – what do you want to accomplish by the end of this year? Are you looking for a fresh perspective on your business strategy, or an objective perspective on your short and long-term business goals? Peer-to-peer mentoring is available for FREE to any automotive recycling facility as a direct member benefit. The application process is open year-round and ARA is seeking new program Mentors and Mentees. Complete an application today to enroll in the year-long program, search under the Programs tab on the ARA website (

Give back to the industry and learn more about your own business through the process of mentoring a fellow recycler.

Monitored by ARA, Mentors & Mentees are paired based on criteria developed to create a successful match, such as similarities in YMS, buying practices and other factors to provide the best experience possible for both parties.

Interested in learning more about this rewarding experience? Please reach out to ARA staff or program co-chairs, RD Hopper ( and Marty Hollingshead ( Please email your application and any questions to Jessica Andrews (

The team at Eagle Auto Parts enjoyed the mentoring process.

Spanish Fluid Depollution Course — Coming Soon!

The needs of our Spanish-speaking members and employees are front and center at ARA and the Automotive Recycling Training Institute (ARTI). A Spanish version of one of ARA University’s most popular courses, Fluid Depollution, was recently completed and will be available soon on the ARAU platform.

CAR Committee Rebrands Program; Adds New Certifications to the Logo

ARA’s Certification Committee is excited to announce the release of a new more modern logo for the program as well as related badges signifying those facilities that are also Gold Seal, Recall and/or High Voltage Vehicle certified. Certified facilities are encouraged to start incorporating the updated logo and badges into their daily operations. The new graphics are available NOW to certified facilities. Please contact ARA staff at for the files.

The Committee and ARA realize that many proud certified member facilities have already invested significantly in signage and other marketing materials that utilize the existing CAR logo. We thank you for helping spread the word about this industry recognized program! It is the Committee’s goal that by January 2024 all certified members will be using the new logo.

Important Reminders: If you would like your facility recognized as being CAR Certified at this year’s ARA Annual Convention, your self-audit must be completed, submitted and approved by September 5.

To be listed as CAR certified in the print version of the 2024 Membership Directory that is shipped to all ARA members, your self-audit must be completed, submitted and approved by December 1.

All 2023 electronic records are due by December 31, 2023. 2023 electronic records received after December 31, 2023 will not be accepted.

2024 is a professional audit year. The 2024 electronic records will be available for purchase in the late fall. For a list of CAR-approved auditors, please contact

ARA Scholarship Fund Holds Contest with $20,000 in Prizes and a $10,000 Raffle at the ARA Convention in Kansas City

The ARA Scholarship Foundation’s newest fundraiser is catching fire, and participation in the fun is high! They are selling calendars to Countdown to Convention, with chances to win 80 exciting daily prize giveaways that started on July 27th and continues until the end of the Convention on October 14th. Over $20,000 in prizes are being given away with a minimum value of $100 daily. Those playing found out quickly that buying more than one increases odds of winning. Need not be present to win and you can win multiple times! There is still time to get in on the fun. To purchase calendars at $20 each, see instructions at or use the venmo code (left) and include your email in the message.

Want to Win $10,000? Your opportunity takes place on Saturday, October 14 at the ARA Convention. The Scholarship Foundation is holding a raffle to win $10,000. Raffle tickets are on sale now for $100 each. Contact Kelly Badillo to get yours at or find an ARA Scholarship Foundation committee member at the event. Need not be present to win!


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