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Sep 1, 2023 | Industry

Gone Fishing with ARA

Cirba Solutions

In 1910, Carter Frank’s grandfather had a bicycle shop in Houston. One day, a Buick broke an axle in front of his shop and the owner sold the car to Carter’s grandfather. Soon after that someone bought the wheels and tires off the Buick and Mr. Frank decided to convert the bike shop into an auto recycling facility. Carter and his father Johnny operated Johnny Franks Auto Parts up until 2001 when his father passed. Carter closed the business and sold the property in 2009 but has always maintained an interest and connection to the auto recycling community.

Carter is an avid fisherman and was gracious enough to host an ARA Networking Offshore Fishing Event on Sunday, September 10th. We had a great turn out and a wonderful day of fishing and telling both fish and auto recycling stories. Carter enjoyed getting caught up on the goings on within the industry and we all enjoyed talking and fishing for red snapper. We ended up putting nearly 400 pounds of red snapper in the boat. You might be wondering how we got away with that seeing how the daily bag limits are set at four fish per person in state waters and two fish per person in federal waters for red snapper season in Texas. Well, Carter grew tired of that limit, so he bought a commercial fishing license. So technically, we were all commercial fishermen for a day!

ARA is committed to providing opportunities and recognizes the value of networking with your peers. If you are interested in attending one of our networking events in the future, please reach out to Vince Edivan ( ) and he’ll be sure to include you in the next event email. We are currently looking at planning a bourbon trail tour, winery tours, sailing day, and more!

From Left to Right: Carter Frank, Owner of the boat and former recycler at Johnny Franks in Houston, TX; Mike Lambert, Buddy Innovations; Lance Thomas, BYOT Auto Parts; Mike Kunkel, Profit Team Consultants; Bill Short, S3 Software Solutions; Gary Wilkens, UCC; Vince Edivan,ARA Director of Member Relations; and Eric Wilbert, Wilberts U-Pull-It.

Automotive Recyclers Convene for Legislative Summit

ARA members from across the country gathered in Indianapolis on August 3rd for the return of ARA’s Legislative Summit. Joining the members were several members of the ARA leadership team and ARA staff.

Attendees spent dedicated focus time discussing several public policy issues of importance of the professional automotive recycling industry and ARA member businesses.

Issues such as electronic titling, personal identifiable information, vehicle data access, design for reuse, electric vehicles, and more.

Existing Association position statements were reviewed for possible updates and suggestions will be made to the Government Affairs Committee for reviewStay tuned for more information in the next edition of Automotive Recycling magazine.

Certification Committee Debuts New CAR Program Logos

ARA’s Certification Committee is excited to announce the release of a new more modern logo for the program as well as related badges signifying those facilities that are also Gold Seal, Recall and/or HVV certified. Members will start seeing the new logo in promotional materials and in ARA publications in the coming weeks. Certified facilities are encouraged to start incorporating the updated logo and badges into their daily operations. The new graphics are available now to certified facilities. Please contact ARA staff for the files.

The Committee and ARA realize that many proud certified member facilities have already invested significantly in signage and other marketing materials that utilize the existing CAR logo.

We thank you for helping spread the word about this industry recognized program! It is the Committee’s goal that by January 2024 all certified members will be using the new logo.

IMPORTANT REMINDERS: To be listed as CAR certified in the print version of the 2024 Membership Directory that is shipped to all ARA members, your self-audit must be completed, submitted and approved by December 1. All 2023 electronic records are due by December 31, 2023. 2023 electronic records received after December 31, 2023 will not be accepted. 2024 is a professional audit year. The 2024 electronic records will be available for purchase in the late fall. For a list of CAR-approved auditors, please contact ARA staff.


Aesop of Atlanta

Allstate Used Auto Parts, Inc.

dba QRP-NY

Auto Gator

Bevell’s Pull It Yourself Used Auto Parts (Aesop)

Cyclic Materials

Fenix Parts – Fort Worth

Fox U-Pull-It (Fenix Parts)

Freight Partners Group LLC

Gravely Auto Recycling (Aesop)

Greentec Recycling

Knox Auto Parts – Birmingham (Aesop)

Knox Auto Parts – Nashville (Aesop)

Midway Auto Parts – Beggs (Aesop)

Midway U Pull – Liberty (Aesop)

Midway U Pull – Muncie (Aesop)

Midway U Pull – Tulsa (Aesop)

Paul’s Auto Yard


Rafaels Parts Empire, Inc.

dba Toyauto Mart

Redwood Materials

Sims Metal Management

ARA Announces the 81st Annual Convention & Expo

Mark Your Calendars for Reno, Nevada in 2024! ARA is preparing you for a future of success in the ever-changing landscape of automotive recycling. “Why Gamble with Your Future?” is the theme of the convention! Gather with your peers, industry experts and vendors October 23-26, 2024! Mark your calendars and look for more details coming in 2024.

ARA Presents at NAATBatt Lithium Recycling Workshop

On August 8th and 9th, ARA joined industry leaders at the sixth annual NAATBatt Lithium Recycling Workshop in Indianapolis. Hosted at the Heritage Group’s pastoral headquarters north of downtown, this year’s workshop attracted industry leaders from battery recyclers to chemical manufacturers, and, of course, a strong contingent of automotive recyclers eager to highlight the industry as an integral facilitator in a circular economy filled with recycled automotive components.  

ARA was represented by VP of Strategy and Government and Regulatory Affairs, Emil Nusbaum, and Past President, Scott Robertson Jr., who presented alongside Argonne National Laboratory’s Linda Gaines on the Battery Management for Automotive Recyclers panel. Their presentation highlighted the indispensable role automotive recyclers play in the battery management space, and the need to ensure end-of-first-life electric vehicle batteries are put to their highest and best use.  

As Robertson and Nusbaum demonstrated in their presentations, automotive recyclers possess the expertise and infrastructure to safely dismantle, extract, and recover valuable materials from spent lithium-ion batteries. 

By collaborating with manufacturers and the broader recycling industry, automotive recyclers contribute to a closed-loop system that conserves resources, reduces dependence on raw materials, and promotes the long-term viability of electric mobility while advancing the principles of a circular economy. Continued coordination with industry leaders will be crucial for ARA to ensure that automotive recyclers remain the foremost custodians of salvaged vehicle batteries and similar parts to ensure they are put to their best and highest use.

Emil Nusbaum, VP of Strategy and Government and Regulatory Affairs.
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