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Nov 1, 2023 | Industry

News from ARA’s Certified Automotive Recyclers Committee

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The following update was shared at the Board of Directors meeting in Kansas City, and covers activities from September, 2022 to October 2023.

Chair: Shannon Nordstrom

Staff Liaison: Kelly Badillo

Consultant: Sue Schauls

Committee Members

Danny Baldwin

Alex Bechstein

Jenny Conrad

Elizabeth Grubb

Joe Hearn

Pat Huesers

Adriana Lee

Alex Lee

Dalbert Livingstone

Amanda Matlock

Alyssa Miller

Jonathan Morrow

Linda Pitman

Emily Pochman

Fran Reitman

Scott Robertson

Eric Schulz

Slater Shroyer

Mike Swift

Stephanie Williams

Dean Yancey

One hundred members were engaged in the CAR and Gold Seal Certification program in 2022. Of the 100 CAR Records ordered 73 were completed and awarded CAR certification. Fifteen of the members not completing the process in 2022 ordered 2023 records to continue their work toward certification. Thirty-nine were awarded Gold Seal Certification, and 37 were awarded Recall Certification for 2022 calendar year.

So far, over 260 members are engaged in the CAR and Gold Seal Certification program in 2023. Of those CAR Records ordered 146 were awarded CAR certification. One hundred nineteen members are still working on their CAR Records, some that are CAR certified are working toward Gold Seal, HVV and/or Recall. Ninety-four were awarded Gold Seal Certification, 114 were awarded Recall Certification and 30 were awarded High Voltage Vehicle Certification for 2023 year-to-date.

The Recall or Airbag Certification brought in an influx of 100 new members and encouraged existing members to engage in the certification program.

2024 will be the first professional audit year since the pandemic and the eBay Motors endorsement. Staff are working through the third-party auditor list and with the auditors to have an accurate and up-to-date list of available auditors posted to the website. The committee plans to engage the Small Business Technical Assistance providers available at the state level to support the program and help with the new member compliance.

The 2024 CAR Record will be available in January.

The new logo was unveiled in September and reflects the CAR and Gold Seal programs as well as the newer endorsements of the High Voltage Vehicle and Recall certifications. Updates to the CAR guidance documents and the website will be a focus of the committee working in the next quarter.

A subcommittee is working on creating a parts “Quality Catalog” by compiling part preparation and shipping guidelines. The information will be available via the certification website and as a Shipping and Receiving guide (

The committee has worked through changes with some of the affiliate CAR programs, providing tools to set up their programs but realizing to be part of the ARA CAR, they will need to be using an Electronic Record.

Compliance awareness articles are continually running in the Automotive Recycling magazine and in the ToolBox for the benefit of the industry. The articles try to make CAR standards driven by environmental and safety compliance common knowledge among all auto recyclers not just the certified members – similar to the way the ECAR Website  is available to the industry as a whole.

Novak Auto Parts in Brighton, PA is the Star award winner and new home for the Randy Reitman Memorial traveling trophy, announced during the convention banquet. See Novak’s photo on page 46.

Are You Using the New CAR Logo Yet?

ARA’s Certification Committee is excited to announce the release of a new more modern logo for the program as well as related badges signifying those facilities that are also Gold Seal, Recall and/or HVV certified. Members will start seeing the new logo in promotional materials and in ARA publications. Certified facilities are encouraged to start incorporating the updated logo and badges into their daily operations. The new graphics are available now to certified facilities. Please contact ARA staff for the files.

The Committee and ARA realize that many proud certified member facilities have already invested significantly in signage and other marketing materials that utilize the existing CAR logo.

We thank you for helping spread the word about this industry recognized program! It is the Committee’s goal that by January 2024 all certified members will be using the new logo.

IMPORTANT REMINDERS: All 2023 electronic records are due by December 31, 2023. 2023 electronic records received after December 31, 2023 will not be accepted. 2024 is a professional audit year. The 2024 electronic records will be available for purchase in the late fall. For a list of CAR-approved auditors, please contact ARA staff.

ARA Presents at the Battery Inspection Forum Hosted by Waygate Technologies

On November 7th, Emil Nusbaum, ARA’s VP of Strategy, Government and Regulatory Affairs, gave a presentation entitled, Securing the Domestic Battery Supply: Understanding the inspection requirements at each stage of the EV battery lifecycle, at Waygate Technologies’ Battery Inspection Forum. The Battery Inspection Forum brought together a range of experts from government, national laboratories, academia, and industry for the purpose of exploring

issues such as battery inspection, battery life extension, next generation battery technology, circularity, and the challenges of battery recycling. Throughout the two-day conference, attendees had the opportunity to attend workshops and tours of Waygate Technologies’ Customer Solution Center, which included equipment ranging from CT systems, X-ray systems, and ultrasound systems that allow for the non-destructive testing of battery packs and battery modules. Emil’s presentation highlighted some of the ways that automotive recyclers are beginning to inspect and test electric vehicle batteries so that they can be put to their highest and best use.

NPO-JARA Holds International Forum In Hiroshima, Attracting 98 Participants

The non-profit organization Japan Automotive Recycler’s Alliance (NPO-JARA: President, Satoshi Takahashi) held the first NPO-JARA Environment Forum in Hiroshima. The three-day event was attended by 98 participants from Japan and other countries. Participants engaged in focused

discussions and information exchanges about current trends and topics, including circular economy and carbon neutrality. Seventeen people from South Korea, Malaysia and Australia attended the forum meetings.

Participants visited the recycling operations of Itsukaichi Plant (Saeki Ward, Hiroshima City) of Kobelco Construction Machinery Co. and Yamako Co. (Aki Ward). The first day was spent learning about the automobile recycling operations and the production processes of the latest construction machinery. On the second day, an event commemorating the 20th anniversary of the organization was conducted. Celebrating the anniversary event was delayed by four years because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It saw enthusiastic participants this year where participants exchanged in-depth information with each other.

NPO-JARA plans to participate soon in the Asian Automotive Environmental Forum to be held in Malaysia in autumn of 2023, in which participants from India are also expected. (Reported from the Daily Automotive News, August 3.)

Are You Taking Advantage of the New SHiFT Program for Inventory?

Interested in getting more SHiFT cars? It’s easy to add the SHiFT plug-in to your website. Plug-in available on sites hosted by URG, WordPress and custom applications. See mock-up below.

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ARA Committee Corner, The Latest News

The Annual Convention Educational Programming Committee is fresh off the heels of a successful 80th Annual ARA Convention and gearing up for next year’s event. Thank you to all Kansas City attendees that took the time to send session-specific feedback via the Convention mobile app. That input is very important to your volunteer leaders’ planning process for future events. The formal “Call for Proposals” opportunity to submit educational session ideas will open in early January and all are welcome to submit their ideas. Please contact Chair, Natalie Miller, for more information and any questions. The 2024 Annual Convention will take place October 23-26 in Reno at the Peppermill Resort. Stay tuned for details in the coming months!

The Interchange Committee is successfully integrating peer interchange into the yard management software thanks to the cooperation of all committee members, Hollander, and Car-Part. Please continue to submit your peer interchange feedback to – the individual that submits the most ideas AND the individual that submits the most accurate ideas will both win a prize at the end of the year! Future projects for 2024 include assigning interchange numbers for EV parts that do not currently have interchange and updating the Recycled Parts Guide to include EV parts and photos.

Get involved! Join a committee today by emailing


Aero Auto Salvage U-Pull-It Shreveport

Affordable Partsworld Ltd

All American Classics, Inc.

All Four Trade dba Universal Auto Parts

Critical Materials Recycling (CMR)

EZ Tunez LLC

Joyride Newco, LLC

JS Truckmart Inc.

Lithion Technologies


Specialized German Recycling

Used Auto Parts Central LLC


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  • PEER-TO-PEER MENTORING. This program offers a profitable pathway to automotive recyclers desiring to run more efficient operations.
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  • PAIRED FOR SUCCESS. Mentors & mentees are paired based on non-competitive criteria to create a successful match, yet may have similarities as in YMS, buying practices, and other factors to provide the best experience possible for both parties.

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